I, Tonya (2017) – Fitting in Is Overrated

Media uses scandals as a circus in several tabloids or magazines. One of the most famous victims in this regard was Tonya Harding. She is the most hated figures in the United States as athletes. The scandal changed her and her career had to turn 90 degrees. Eventually, she turned into boxing as her next career. Some people also like her as a so inspiring figure. Together with Nacy Kerrigan as her rival, Tonya ruined the image of her country. Media doesn’t stop making it as a circus show.

“I, Tonya” isn’t one of the biopics in general. Generally, biopic movies always tell an event or tragic story from such a biopic. Instead, we have the figure of Tonya Harding. We sympathize with her as a human being. It formulated such a story outline between absurdity, ambiguity, irony, and reality. Craig Gillespie tells Tonya’s rise-and-fall story. Margot Robbie is so much different in this movie. She acts as an inspiring character and so sympathizing with us. Tonya deserves to be forgiven and deserves a second chance. Her first relationship with her husband didn’t go well. Her husband often hurt her and even pointed a gun in herself. However, Tonya is just so loyal. She is so loyal to her husband and I don’t even know how complex this relationship was.

Tonya is an aggressive character both in reality and on ice. Her anger always made her fulfill her own emotions. It makes other people have to change, change back to never believe in herself. Her mother is full of discipline and always scolded her. Since then, she has no friends at all. Anger is her energy and her characterization in order to prove people wrong. Tonya is not a beautiful figure because of her image. The contradiction applies to Tonya who is always sworn to people. But, it makes it so unique compared to everyone. When people always criticize her, Tonya stands both in ice and in her experience.

Tonya is not a fictional character. But, Margot Robbie brings a deep character in her. She forms a new character in herself. Not only does she improvise or impersonate but her appearance makes him very unique from inside and outside. The format using two documentary-impressed as there are real and feature characters. The camera not only stayed as its place. It’s follow-through its movement. It takes so many perspectives in responding to who Tonya Harding really was. There are Jeff, Diane, Shawn, and people who have a connection with her. The movie used dark jokes. Sometimes, the cast breaking its 4th wall both when the movie is interviewed and narratively.

“I, Tonya” is a sarcasm. It’s sarcasm for mass media and related. But, it’s not such a strong when it comes to it. The movie is rich in addition to the story and the pace. There is a feeling in each of every character. Indeed, Tonya Harding is the main stage. Besides Tonya, Paul Walter Hauser as Shawn is comic relief. He is so funny and becomes a major point in-between the conflict. He lives in his mother’s basement while telling this experience when working as an anti-terrorist. However, the world does know that he is lying. Allison Janney as LaVona is so great. She truly illustrates the cruelty of a loving mother. Sebastian Stan as Jeff is a true heel. He is a violently to Tonya. In addition, this biopic has well-executed choreography. The costume design is well-designed and well-produced.

“I, Tonya” proves that one of the most hated figures in the United States can also be, a satire of herself. It has a fast-paced, not too rushed but not too slow. Tonya Harding is a complex character. Margot Robbie creates a new alter ego in herself. It’s a biopic about the most hated person and about changing a mindset.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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