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“Armed Girl’s Machiavellism” starts with a pretty simple premise. The main character tried to find peace after being kicked out at the previous school. After that, the school transferred him to a girls school. Although this school filled with a lot of females, male students also exist. However, they must be feminism first if they want to adapt to their environment. The main character seems overpowered, at first, and this school has five skilled swords girls. They try to maintain peace and female students from the temptations of men’s desires.

There is no clear reason. Who is this? Who are they? And what is the main character’s goal in the school? Do these five women have to maintain the peace from the main character who seems ordinary but gentle? Who would have thought, these five women were in trouble. And like that, with one little snap, these five women fall directly into the heart of the main character. More specifically, they immediately fall in love if it’s not wrong.

At first, the show takes it seriously with such an average action scene. What’s more, this isn’t a harem show. I don’t know why I’ve to mention that genre again. Not that I really hate it. But, it’s ridiculously the same as why I have to think hard about this show. The show has that charm tone as I laugh with these and those jokes. So, it’s bearable to say that this is not a strange idea.

The simple premise immediately fell with that harem tropes to say because there is no harem genre here. The main character must fight the five girls to get permission to leave school. The first girl, Rin, has a sweet arc in it. There is a comedy between the two characters and there is romance as well. But, the rest of it just passed especially the last girl. The last girl has too much intense expectation. Her recognition and uniqueness have too much build-up. In the end, they all fell to the main character. While this is a comedy, you can come with such a decent portion of the show. No fresh idea and no creativity. It’s just so repetitive and mediocre, especially the last arc with Kirukiru, just damn.

The main character, Fudou, just your another bland overpowered character with no motivation at all. It’s barely to forget about him. He is gentle, badass, I can say, but his poker expression is just weak and generic. He isn’t as solid as a harem character in general and sometimes, he always in a misunderstanding situation. But, the worst kind of all is the heroine. Sure, this is not a new idea when the male characters are around women. But, they are just all the same.

They have the generic and bad trait. They are well-skilled and have a unique style in a sword. I just can’t deny that they have to get out of the line. Yeah, they are all cute and some are annoying. At least don’t make them as douchebag as possible. I talk about the scene when the main character must accept the punishment when found a naked photo with another woman. Apparently, I don’t think too much about it if the main character is that strong. So, it’s okay.

The art is pretty generic and your typical average harem anime style. The main character has a bland and flat design. But, well-designed characters in all the girls. The voice actress did a great job but Tasuku Hatanaka didn’t seem to. While the voice actress did their best, it seems they have a reason if they have to tell the voice actor to be bland and flat too. Silver Link. and Connect did an average job as a studio. The fighting styles are well maintained with its pace and rhythm. No one has borrowed from shounen tropes because when it comes to action, no one shouts. It’s just typography or calligraphy-like when they show what the names of these and special moves are. It’s really unique yet still decent. Same as the opening and ending theme songs. It’s catchy, sure, but not quite memorable.

Sure, the plot is very tightly connected with the plot armor which is not a bad thing to say but the placement is always not right. Overpowered doesn’t mean the characters can’t die or have no weaknesses. However, they were overpowered because something triggered them in their backstory. The storytelling can be said to be bad when the overpowered MC doesn’t have a reason why. But, it’s not the worst than any overpowered MC I’ve ever seen. It’s just ridiculously when it comes to flashback. The story gives us one episode or at least half to give us a clear reason why the main character in the first place. “Armed Girl’s Machiavellism” is another harem and comedy which is a decent show that caught me a lot at first but it was just okay.

3 out of 5 stars.

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