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Love, a complex thing no one ever understands. It’s very difficult to explain a disease from this love. We never know where it came from and what really pushed it. But, love also has other meanings in terms of having a crush on him/her or else. Instead, love itself arises because of the desire to “sex”. In movies, we often find this Hollywood trademark whether, in what movies, there was always love. Just like Murphy said: “I want to make movies out of blood, sperm, and tears. I think movies should contain that. “

Indeed, erotic and pornographic genres seem to be a genre that’s often misunderstood. In another sense, I want to see this genre because we are only human beings in general. Why should we be ashamed to see other people having sex? Actually, this isn’t a “new thing” in Hollywood. I like directors who are always over the top or in the red zone where they often explore controversial themes. Lars von Trier is one director among them. “Nymphomaniac” is one of his popular films I’ve watched in school, even though we watched it just to find the sex scene.

In fact, this seems to be extinct even pornographic films themselves always do choreography rather than unsimulated sex. And “Love” uses unsimulated sex between the actor and actress. This is real sex, not simulated at all. Most of these films always play safe regardless of the film just focusing on the marketing itself. This film applies countless 3D sex use. However, Gaspar Noé took a step further. What if sex itself is able to improve its plot? “Love” is the answer.

Karl Glusman as Murphy has a high passion for film. He really loves “Taxi Driver” and even has a poster. He also considers “2001: A Space Odyssey” as the best film of all time. In essence, he really likes classic movies. Beyond that passion, there is a passion that exceeds him. And that is sex. After breaking up with an artist named Aomi Muyock as Electra, he had another relationship with Klara Kristin as Omi. Murphy has been dating Electra for two years. However, his relationship with Omi ends where Murphy can’t run away from her that they have a baby. Their relationship is not harmonious and this makes Murphy run away and regret it. Murphy was trapped in his own ego and passion.

You might be wondering, why don’t you watch adult videos that are more pornographic than wasting your times watching this pornographic drama? In fact, I think like that and it feels so uncomfortable. Instead of working on a film romance with a happy ending, let’s call this a dark yet depressing romance story with so much porn. Why do I often say porn? Because the film’s main sale is unsimulated sex. Supposedly, it’s like this. Instead of watching adult videos on the internet, why not just watch them in theaters? Plus, this is 3D. Very naive if you have these reasons. Just put away the story, the character, and the cinematography. Let’s enjoy the porn!

We talk too much about porn. Let’s talk about the plot and aesthetic of this film. Gaspar Noé created the unsimulated sex as the main story instead of focusing too much on the drama. If you lose direction from the first point, if you don’t mind the first sequence of sex scenes for 3 minutes, then you lose. Noé embodies a story about love as erotic art. From the opening scene and the closing scene, the rest is nothing mature. This is also a two-hour film, a very slow-burning movie. Characters and stories went slowly and imagination arises when you focus more on those side elements. Yet, the cinematography is like an acid trip.

“Love” is like a heroine in the sense of the heroine as a drug or heroine as a woman. It’s about love and sorrow of such a love. The only first surprise when you watch this film is the first sex scene. It took you very long. It’s like Noé trying to pull you slowly as a third person. The transition between irregular scenes is a side element. Because we never know, someone’s picture if controlled by the breath would be like this. Noé uses color and plays with unsimulated sex. While this is just a memorable gimmick, there is so much intimacy and richly.

“Love” is like an expression of Gaspar Noé’s past, ego, and passion. There is a minor character who uses the director’s name separately. This film is a “celebration” of love it looks amazing. At least, it didn’t work. This film is a hopeless cinema, especially this is a romance film. It’s not an enjoyable but hard movie. Yet, it leaves you with so many things with this movie.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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