Misery (1990) – The Tide Has Come

“My name is Annie Wilkes and I’m your number fan,” Bates as Annie to James Caan as Paul Sheldon woke up fragile on the bed. Paul Sheldon is the author of famous novels for “Misery Chastain”. When he was on his way to Colorado, a snowstorm made his car tumble into a ravine. But, Paul survived and the world who considered himself dead. A few days later, Paul regained consciousness from a coma and he found himself lying in a bed. Very heavy outside of snowstorms, it cuts off the telephone lines. However, Annie is a good person at first impression. She smiled softly and so well but don’t get me wrong if she is the best woman he ever had.

“She can’t be dead! Misery Chastain can’t be dead!” Annie shouted angry that her favorite character was dead. From here, Paul understands that Annie isn’t a good person. Annie is indeed a nurse who is also a big fan of his books. It’s just that, Paul is very unlucky. He felt that he didn’t expect the woman who sees everything before filled with anger. Anger filled Annie only because of Misery Chastain, a character in his fictional romance novel entitled “Misery”. With such a minimum cast and setting, the psychology game between Paul and Annie begins intense.

Stephen King is the king of horror through his well-known books from such readers. This time, “Misery” raises a very, very simple theme into something feels very narrow. It’s a comment about what a fanboy looks like or whatever. Apparently, Stephen King wants to talk through this book and the adaptation of this film as well. The film is wrapped in the slasher style but with an ordinary character. Kathy Bates is just a normal woman in general. But, that psycho soul you never know is dealing with who. Such a simple yet thin plot, for some reason how King and Reiner can make it interesting.

Everyone has obsessions and hobbies for each person to be obsessed with someone or something, which is important for everyone to have. Likewise, Annie also obsessed with Paul Sheldon and his books. The sense of obsession possessed in such a person can cause a person to not be able to delete what they have an obsession in their mind. At the top, you get Annie with the most exaggerated obsession. More or less, how Stephen King can base the story of this film is a fascinating idea.

“Misery” has a very extraordinary and unique characterization. Kathy Bates clearly caught the most attention as one of the most terrifying characters in the 90s. Through this characterization, she won an Oscar for Best Actress. She managed to show the terrifying Annie Wilkes as a psychopath. With the many paranoid but sadistic scenes, she showed, indeed with enough levels. It’s just such a gaze from Bates has made you frightened by these two faces. In the morning, she was seen as an angel. But at night, what you only see is coming death.

James Caan explored the actor’s depressed side of how he couldn’t walk to try to stretch to the exit. And it was played optimally by Caan. He doesn’t behave like a kidnap victim in general where they are always panicking, hysterical, and scared. Paul Sheldon is a calm character but also smart because he isn’t only a reliable novelist. He is able to be convincing as if he is also the psycho who is able to manipulate the fragile Annie the devil.

“Misery” in other words is predictable but this film contains many elements where modern thriller isn’t able to achieve it. Rob Reiner as the director showed his capacity to build its tension. The resistance was successfully built steadily from the beginning of the film to the end of the film. This film really overlooked especially for fans of thriller or horror. It really works at yourself and even feels like you don’t want to get out the seat.

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