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To quote one of the forgotten minor characters we don’t really care at all: “Idol and politics are one of the most ridiculous things ever existed. They’ve never been serious in responding to politics and can only show off their skirts without doing anything.” So, it sums up the whole point why this anime has lost its potential and really bad. But, why did I review it? Am I just curious or want to find something like “Love Live! School Idol Project”? Don’t get me wrong, I like “Love Live!” as an idol anime because we need culture like this too. However, politics and idols are one of the most ridiculous things ever.

The concept of this idol with politics is indeed an interesting idea. It’s just that they must be able to make it as attractive as possible. It doesn’t leave any impression and doesn’t make any sense. It seems simple, the story takes place with Natsuki as a Ruby rip-off from “Love Live! Sunshine!!”, I believe, but more energetic. She is a countryside girl who aspires to become a political idol because we never know the title “Idol Incidents” was like. Well, the concept speaks the most about idols and politics. It takes so many cliches and tropes like “never give up”, “friendship changes everything”, “the world will be more beautiful if it’s full of colors”, or else. Plus, it’s just poorly executed with so many predictable moments. It’s a difficult choice to come in the first place when I dropped this anime 2 years ago. But, this is me.

The shows don’t have any potential besides this is the main stage for Natsuki and Shizuka, the idol who inspired Natsuki heavily. However, there are so many characters it’s even difficult to say who they or what they were. “Love Live!” has a diverse backstory of various kinds of characters regardless of the ridiculous plot, it makes the anime quite interesting. All of the characters in this anime just come and go like nothing. You only get 12 episodes with at least a little explanation of who this is or why they exist. And the antagonist is even worse than them. These capitalism guys really hate idols, don’t have any motives, and don’t have a clear reason why. Pass it next.

In fact, I just realized that “Idol Incidents” is a musical anime. After I watched, this anime presented more things like a slice of life, weak drama, and music as its plot device without showing its own main theme. I don’t know why studios like MAPPA and Studio VOLN want to work with this “original” piece. For two studios which are well known for their projects, the art is just okay and there are no specials. The CGI is nothing more than “Love Live!” but more embarrassed and awkward. The artwork only covers the overall weakness with bright colors and poorly smooth animation.

The soundtrack really doesn’t have anything memorable at all even this is also a music anime. Just look to “K-ON!“. This series has songs where I usually hear it every day. Or what about “Love Live!” where I always hear it the same as the After-School Tea Time band? While the opening theme song is quite catchy, to be honest, it just doesn’t work better. The ending theme song is quite nice but I don’t even know why they rarely use the opening even the ending theme song itself. And like that, the Heroine Party has nothing to do with everything.

How do you actually describe this anime? It’s like you were given a bicycle and soccer ball gift but you hate it because he doesn’t know you don’t have legs. Okay, what a bad analogy. What about a sweet cake even so sweet you want to spit it out but you spit out all the delicious food you’ve eaten. Plus, you ate the vomit and there was a loop. Okay, it’s pretty disgusting as well as this. And that’s why my final rating of this anime is a broken politic out of ten. “Idol Incidents” doesn’t deserve to redeem itself with a nice and potentially ridiculous plot.

2 out of 5 stars.

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