Identity (2003) – The Secret Lies Within

James Mangold’s “Identity” is a rare psychology movie with the best plot twist ever. The story of 10 people mysteriously has a red thread. They then trapped in a spider’s nest. They trapped in a motel in a storm. John Cusack as Ed is a driver and former police officer who works as a bodyguard for Rebecca De Mornay as Caroline. John Hawkes as Larry is the motel owner. Bret Loehr as Timmy, John C. McGinley as George, Leila Kenzle as Alice had an accident. Amanda Peet as Paris is a hooker. William Lee Scott as Lou, Clea Du Vall as Ginny, and Ray Liotta as Rhodes also trapped at the same time. Rhodes was a policeman who was escorting a prisoner, Jake Busey as Robert.

All of them trapped in a motel because the road they want to go through was flooded. However, some of them have other reasons why they are stuck there. With more confusing ways, Pruitt Taylor Vince as Malcolm Rivers will be executed the next day and is undergoing a special trial. In the trial, a case in considering his death sentence discovered. Malcolm was accused of having carried out a murder to the victim. The psychiatrist turned out to have new evidence but it was difficult for some other judges to accept. Back to the motel that’s currently being terrorized, one after another begins to disappear miraculously but it makes no sense.

Do you think that’s enough to come up with such a simple plot? I don’t think so and at first, you would think that “Identity” was an ordinary thriller. However, this early 2000s film portrayed a serial killer in a unique but mind-blowing way. Malcolm Rivers is the main character and the core of this problem. The first act of the story is indeed a bit of preamble and the second act is really a normal crime story. When the third act came, it’s just such a binding twist. Well, for a film in the 2000s, it didn’t have any surprises, especially about double personality.

As they tried to survive and find out who was the mastermind of all this, a miracle happened. The outside storm along with the hard lightning invites a lot of tension in each scene. It’s hard to explain and it doesn’t really make any sense. You were at the wrong time, in the wrong place, or maybe this never happened. There is no definite explanation and only need to rely on small clues such as the meaning of their names or backstory. Michael Cooney seems to be trying not to get out of the rules. They are like playing safe without having to explain what is wrong but what is right. It’s like that, the acting is really worthy of performance.

“Identity” is a movie with a lot of details yet it makes you think twice. You think back to what really happened and how it all came about. It’s very simple how to watch this film. Seeing Ray Liotta as the main character is also very interesting along with John Cusack with his impersonation.

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