Danchigai (Summer 2015) – Life Is Never Boring

“Danchigai” is a suitable recommendation if you want a turn-your-brain-off kind of show. With a short duration, it makes its own show more a blind spot without any plot or drama. But, this series is very effective like therapy if you don’t feel good or when you are in a relaxing mood. It has charming moments, cheerful moments, and lovely yet relaxing for most example. It’s just your typical slice of life but more into 30 minutes of relaxing if you combine all the episodes. So, this review is very short to come at first.

Rather, to say there is no story, it doesn’t mean there is no meat at all. The show makes it in a fun way for 3 minutes more or less every episode. It takes any more into the slice of lice with many moments when you talk about family. There is no incest if you want to say in a few moments at least. But, the episode keeps getting better and better for the short and first time. The relationships from the characters create their own role in this family. It tells about the daily lives of five brothers who live in one apartment.

The Nakano family consists of five people and Haruki is only a man among all his siblings. All his other siblings are female. Their parents are not there because there is another activity or it could be work. But, they live their daily lives in various uniqueness which is special at first glance. Haruki loves all his siblings and sisters without discrimination. He always takes care of everything. He will take all the consequences whatever happens and even sacrifice himself too. Therefore, he is like a father who doesn’t complain much regardless he isn’t the oldest of all.

Haruki, besides carrying all the burdens of his siblings have, is not like a nerd in general. While the show always exaggerates tropes like this especially in most anime school or harem, Haruki is quite realistic but not really. He is a type of quite a person but not like a nerd in general who dedicates himself to his hobby. However, he acts a lot in his family, making him the main character in this show. Uzuki and Satsuki are the youngest. These two characters act like a kid who is very naive, innocent but manages to make you forget about yourself. They are very cheerful in every episode. But, I dare to be honest if they are very cute if you don’t make it into their family.

Yayoi is a sister who initially might be the most annoying character. In fact, it isn’t. She brings a typical tsundere characteristic into something you certainly see often but you can guess it. She is shy and the sister who loves Haruki the most than anyone. Apart from which, she only showed her violent side to Haruki just because she was embarrassed. She may be cruel but when she is honest with feelings, beautiful moments emerge between Haruki and Yayoi. Mutsuki is the oldest sister of all and is the most mature character. She is more natural but very good at everything. But, she also has a ridiculous side regardless of who takes care of all her siblings.

While the series doesn’t have an opening theme song, the show has at least four catchy ending theme songs. The sound effect and the soundtrack are rich and the cast as its best. They maintain their character balance, making no one want to stand out. The animations work as perfectly as it’s fine and is one of the short anime with good quality. But, it’s not really at the top of the hill still, it’s not close to perfect either. I just want to say that Creators in Pack works a lot on the short type of anime and the most famous is “Love is Like a Cocktail”. Sure, they worked on “NTR: Netsuzou Trap” and “Bloodivores“. The two anime also have a response that’s not too much we could expect.

“Danchigai” is a three-minute or 30-minute relaxation in all episodes. It’s so rich and always keeps the balance. Actually, not entirely the best from the genre but regardless of which, this is still an enjoyable show.

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