World War Z (2013) – Days Gone

As not really a zombie fanatic and enthusiastic, “World War Z” is a recommendation for them. Directed by Marc Forster (“Finding Neverland”, “The Kite Runner”, “Quantum of Solace”), this film is so trying. It’s so trying not to eat the hype and expectations of yourself. Therefore, many of them really not disappointed even rather. From the adaptation of the book written by Max Brooks, this film is indeed not too loyal to the material. Moreover, they trying to attract its demographic by making this film a PG-13. Well, there’s nothing more than that. It doesn’t take too many new themes besides this is a copy of paint. Ever see “Dawn of the Dead”, the vomit franchise of “Resident Evil” or “28 Days Later”? But, “World War Z” has a newer level.

In short, everyone is a zombie different from most. It caused by a virus with a rapid spread of information comparing on the internet. After zombie bit you, it infected you and will turn into a zombie within 12 seconds. Finally, this results in global chaos, deaths everywhere, the zombie population increases dramatically, and the whole world hit by panic. America and other superpower countries collapsed due to this zombie apocalypse. Hopes not there so focused on Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane. He is a former UN agent. He has involved and experienced in many situations. Assigned back with the team to investigate the origin of the virus, he tried to find patient zero.

Marc Forster pursued this project well making a good but average film. The way it executes “World War Z” left many references from other influential zombie films. The fun credit sequence later changed to “Shaun of the Dead” but was more serious. The outbreak scale of the visual effect and chaos uses a budget of almost 190 million dollars. I don’t know how many million for the CGI. It really spent to produce the most memorable moments. The moment on the first day was truly epic. No rubbish left in zombie films in general. All of that has fallen apart with a full of CGI.

“World War Z” is like a fantasy which is nothing more than an apocalypse in “2012” or “The Day After Tomorrow”. It’s not apocalyptic or “Independence Day” but it’s about fighting these insane zombies. They are crazy dogs that will bite you once. However, it was 12 seconds they had to bet. At the time, the film was melted into an epic scale zombie apocalypse. In addition to visual effects outbreak insane, Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, and Damon Lindelof are the screenwriters. A third act and finale with oldskool style with drama elements, Gerry Lane is all elements of enjoyment in a family movie. However, this isn’t a family movie. Marc Forster often presents survival very thrilling actions.

“World War Z” replaces the features of a zombie apocalypse with a decent storyline in the style of third structure act where everyone cares. Accompanied by relevant social inserts and comments, the special artistic zombies are unique. Forster is worthy to get everything apart, this is a PG-13 movie. Cinematography sometimes neat yet horrendous cut really doesn’t impact anything. There are some good moments besides the ending of this film but David Fincher took part in the next sequel. Even so, I think it’s still vague as well. It’s not an accomplishment when you come with this movie but it’s just a good, good movie.

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