School-Live! (Summer 2015) – It’s a Trap

I love “School-Live!”. You might say, this is a zombie moe anime that uses a lot of gimmicks. But, I’ll bet you can’t guess the troll twist in the first place. This has a great effect on both the series and the adaptation of the manga. Really, I really like it, really like this anime. Although I’ve watched for a long time, I still read the manga. And man, what a twist if this show is made its second season. Indeed, some say, it’s nothing more than its own gimmick regardless this is also a summer anime. So, welcome to school clubs, overnight clubs, daily clubs, clubs lives in schools. If you have a mental illness and anxiety then you can come with this club. Living every day with full bizarre, faced between killing your own friends or not. But, it’s a moe anime ladies and gentlemen.

Again, welcome to “School-Live!”. It’s a series focuses on Yuki Takeya. Don’t worry, this is a normal anime even if it’s normal to say it’s about a zombie apocalypse. Oh man, the build-up on the first 20 minutes first episode was so well done. I don’t even know this is just cute girls doing cute things show. In fact, we were just wrong. Yuki is just a cute student in general. She makes a lot of fun, living their daily lives at school and sleeping in school. Sleep at school? Even at first, I didn’t know why.

Why was there a chair and table blocks several aisles in the school building? Why don’t they study? Where were the teachers and other students? That’s being said to have come across with the most phenomenal ending you’ve ever seen in a pilot episode. And from this, you realize the genre of this anime is psychological, horror, and mystery. It turns something cute into the darkness you’ve ever met.

As the first episode keeps the tone very, very good, overall, I can’t say that it’s nothing more than a slice of life anime in general. In fact, Yuki and her friends when they tried to find rations outside of school seemed to like a trip without impressing an apocalypse, especially it’s about zombie. Both the dark and bright elements, the foreshadowing and the pacing could really be distinguished. There is a moment when they have fun on top of the school with gravestone near them. I mean, yeah, gravestones. There is also a blackboard that says Yuki’s own delusions and desires and broken glass in the school. There are so many oddities and uncomfortable moments when it comes to characters. Do Kurumi, Miki, and Yuuki have a mental illness? Man, just read the manga.

The show focuses more and takes Yuki’s perspective as the main character. She has a delusion of the real picture in her school life and fantasy in her head. It’s just a hard thing when it comes to her character even I feel sorry. She makes a hallucination even an imaginary friend too. Just guess who among them is her imaginary friend? She just had a hard time accepting reality and seeing what happened at her school was positive. Like for example playing with Taroumaru as their pet dog and studying in class as usual. Yuki is the sickest character of all but so cheerful. She covered more gloomy moments and turned them into cute moments.

It has colorful characters, besides Yuki, there are Kurumi, Yuuri, and Miki. They all have various skills when it comes to survival. Kurumi is the warrior in her group using just a shovel, she will kill all of those zombies. Yuuri acts as the most dependable character and becomes a more mature character among them. Miki, besides she really loves reading Stephen King’s “The Stand”, is another supporting girl and best friend to Yuki. She has a backstory before she goes to the club and stays at school. And the last one is Megumi as their teacher. It’s surprising apart from being a show about the zombie apocalypse with quite an advertising, it filled with full of colorful characters.

While the comedy uses the “cute girls doing cute things” format or the slice of life anime in general, there is something terrifying about this anime. We see from Yuki’s point of view from her delusion goes through her daily life at school. But in reality, it’s not like that and the school filled with lots of zombies. Still, we see from Yuki’s positive thinking herself. It’s kind of finger for me and I can’t even think more than that. Anyway, “School-Life!” indeed takes Yuki’s own perspective and fantasy. As if this is her own dream world. There is a moment where she will accept the reality of everything but she still remains to play in her own fantasy. It kinds of horror when you combine something fun and cute girls into something depressing and scared. But, that’s the horror part.

Lerche designs their characters in color, especially the color of all the hair. In addition, they use a regular school uniform with some kind of variety. It’s true that this horror anime can’t be released. But, this part is the cutest. The character expressions and settings seem normal and cute at least. As if, this is just a normal slice of life at first glance. Everything is normal from zombies and others. Filler and fan service are the main foods of this show, even though almost every episode filled with it. But man, what is that with the opening theme song? I mean, from the very beginning, you’ve been deceived again and again. It’s a trap.

I love a slice of life anime and I like school anime. But, there is nothing better than acknowledging that I’m very, very fond of “School-Live!”. Yeah, I’m trying to overproud and overexaggerated here. It’s a troll of the season. It’s not your typical cute girls having their daily fun live in every episode. Not an anime, happy or something like that. It explores much about what if you see the world from a contradictory point of view. That part is horror because accepting the reality is more difficult than living your daily life filled with darkness. Yeah, it’s a gimmick, sure. But, I want to say it once again if I freaking love this show.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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