Fight Club (1999) – Mischief, Mayhem, Soap

When I first watched “Fight Club”, I was just like: “so this is why you call a movie”. I never thought of an existing symbolism whether it’s moral capacity, consumerism, nihilism, or whatever-ism. But, as a meaning, this film is far different in its time and today. In addition, this film used as a left-wing shield and various kinds of influences appear immediately. Sure, critics attacked this film when it first aired. But now, here we come what we have. We got this movie long before people criticized each other, dropped each other, political culture far from civilization. “Fight Club” has long appeared before all this happened.

This David Fincher great piece is very impressive, gloomy, solid, yet brutal. Who else if not himself whom direct this movie? He captures the way of Chuck Palahniuk thought, the novelist, clearly seen from the screenplay of adaptation written by Jim Uhls. As a result, they capture each other from each material. Anyway, Edward Norton as the narrator often experiences insomnia. For the narrator, everything is valuable starting from the furniture he buys in his apartment and other things. However, something is missing. He is not happy with his job. Likewise, it’s the same with people who work in one company. For the narrator, everything is just a copy of a copy of a copy. Whether it’s literacy, objects, or whatever it is, it’s not original.

Then, he went to a support group to cure his loneliness and depression. And from here, this clumsy yet rational narrator meets Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer. She is an annoying woman and nihilism sufferer as if she doesn’t care about everything. Then also, he met Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden who was very nihilist. Just don’t ask why they set up a fight club. This association is useful for destroying what it really has to included consumerism and large companies. It’s how to get out of the system so you feel freedom again.

“Fight Club” is nothing more than a collection of men who hit each other without any clear purpose. Strangely enough, they are mutually one on one without thinking about who the loser and the winner. Tyler gives us a reason indeed tells you what’s more important than this life. Actually, what do we want most before we die? Jewelry, pride, money, fame, popularity, etc.? For Tyler, people who work in elite companies including the narrator constrained by a schedule. The schedule tightens people who follow the system without having to control themselves. It’s autopilot but you don’t even know what you’re doing.

Why does it have to be soap? Is there no other meaning than something we often use even we often underestimate this one? Once upon a time, people of yore found that if washing clothes in certain parts of the river, the clothes would be cleaner. Why? Because there were so many bodies were burned and thrown into such the river. The alkaline solution resulting from water seeping from wood ash mixed with body fat. It melts due to burning. Finally, be a soap solution. It flows in a certain part of a river. So, is this some kind of satire for people who use soap? If not soap then what else?

Sacrificing past warriors as a metaphor for the soap. In the end, masculinity is a phenomenon which arises thanks to anarchism and radicalism. The manifestation of sacrifice arises from the ashes of the burnt body of the ex-combatants. The revolution of cliché, superficial in the present, emancipatory sacrifices and unites everything. All of that was finally beaten hard by the elitist. Anarchism here also seems to be described by Tyler Durden himself as the opposite of the different character of the narrator. And in the end, the Project Mayhem they did ended with something ambiguous and full of questions. Is capitalism so bad or are they still not understood?

Tyler Durden himself really knows the fight club he made with the narrator will be very popular. He also anticipated that he could take control of the members in such a club. It’s like when you talk about this movie with your friends but if you don’t watch it, then he will criticize you as well as this film criticizing yourself too. Or also by watching this film then you consider it great not because of the satire values but just because of the plot twist. Tyler accompanies posers, hipsters, and worshipers of post-modernism. And from here, the metaphor of the fight club itself doesn’t try to be a gimmick and continues to stick to the goals why the club was formed.

Actually, there is a lot that deserves to be analyzed, criticized, and discussed in this film. In fact, I tried to explain how this film works with one of my friends. And the result, he fell asleep. The first act of the movie kind of like a slow-burner pace on characterization. Frame by frame, the characterization lies in Edward Norton and Brad Pitt himself. And don’t forget with Helena Bonham Carter as the most important character in this film. It ended with a plot twist ending and a horror song entitled “Where Is My Mind?” by Pixies. “Fight Club” became a beautiful film to witness the criticisms of society and the world. I still adore this movie from the first time I watched it. I still like this movie.

5 out of 5 stars.

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