K-ON! The Movie (2011) – Encore

At the last moment when HTT sang their last song for Azusa Nakano, there was a moment when you felt how the separation wasn’t an end at all. Like one of the lyrics where graduation isn’t the end. Significantly, the audience feels something and leave you a period of memory shines on everything. After the end of the credit, the movie feels like what they actually see was something very subjective. What exactly is splitting? Togetherness? Friendship? We don’t want to be but the only step in reaching for the future is to take our own path. But, what if they are still together and take the next step together again?

It’s not really that complex when it comes to “K-ON!“, one of my favorite slice of life and comedy anime. You know what you see, what you witness, and what you dream of. Isn’t that right when you don’t want all this to happen? Kyoto Animation released their final work and a conclusion from this phenomenal anime. As it should, an anime movie which becomes a sequel of its show always has its misunderstanding. They don’t just revolve around a filler, recap, and something pointless and not very important. You know what I mean and basically, these things always lie in the shounen anime. Why not work it into one series? Why do they have to separate the series into a movie? Throughout this movie, KyoAni always prides themselves on the anime they’ve worked on.

What a true encore for such a series. With such expectations made me love similar anime thanks to this anime, this series goes beyond in anything. It introduced what we know today with the term “moe” although this is a mistake in the scope of anime. As Hayao Miyazaki’s troll quote say that anime was a mistake and because of this as well, there is no guarantee anime will look like after the “K-ON!” effect. Cute girls, waifuable, a slice of life, comedy, cute girls doing cute things, it’s something you could come as far you’ll love it for sure. As we know, “K-ON!” seems has been known by many people whether you haven’t watched it yet. Everyone knows it. The sure thing about one of these series is that it has a very simple premise. But, why is that matter?

This movie focuses on the story in the second season before their graduation. All the girls went on a trip, and also their last trip together, to London to make a beautiful and pleasant memory. Seeing them with such behavior, as usual, is ridiculous and funny enough aren’t surprising they also have to adapt in a foreign environment. With the impression of being delightful and charming, this girl participates a lot in unique situations. As it is, the important point in this movie is the chemistry between Yui and Azusa even though Azusa is the main focus of this story. This movie is very simple whether you watch the first season or both, not separated from the actual trait. It starts with an introduction, making their way around London, having fun, a language barrier from the English language, and etc.

Kyoto Animation shows its fangs again in this movie. Because this movie also takes a real place in London, it feels like a way in this world we live. This is London and they are actually there. They live in hotels, travel together, and see various kinds of interesting things. A lot of culture and Britpop are mentioned in this movie too. All the new songs, not counted from the series, are many and all are sung by voice actresses. There is a moment when these girls sing on stage in London and just love when Yui speaks Engrish. Who won’t see that again? Each of the songs adds some emotional feeling when there is meaning in the song. Especially the last song they sang to Azusa.

The most part of the top of the story is behind the making of the tribute song for Azusa. When remembering it again in the second season, for some reason, you feel their sadness and togetherness. And this movie came out of nowhere. The last thirty minutes, the last thirty minutes was something perfect to end this after-school tea time club in their graduation. They put a lot of love, a lot of feeling, a lot of emotion in this song. Their club doesn’t mean eating sweets or drinking tea, but there are many meanings when you realize how fragile they were. The build-up into a moment that’s a way you shed your tears and end with a conclusion we and they deserved.

“K-ON! The Movie” ended with the last moment and beautiful goodbye of all time. I watched “K-ON!” without expecting anything even more than what I actually watched. At first, I thought so. For some reason, I fell into it. I looked for a similar anime but somehow, nothing like this series anymore. Watching this movie has become an entertainment and experience once existed. It closed the story of cute girls doing cute things phenomenally yet beautifully. Well, this isn’t just a story, not just an anime, not just anything. This only opens a door to our heart and deep wounds on how the separation was. Not that I seem to overemotional it here.

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