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“Goblin Slayer” could be one of the most controversial anime has ever existed not because of the gore but its the drama on the internet. When people question it for promoting rape or whatever, you can go back to the past and hide your agenda criticism first. Haven’t they seen the first 15 minutes of “Elfen Lied”? Or take a look at “Berserk” which is one of the most brutal anime and manga. What about “Claymore”? What about “Blood C”? “Corpse Party”? Or “When They Cry”? Is something wrong here? However, the case is almost the same as “The Rising of the Shield Hero” how one Twitter user said this anime promotes fake rape allegations. Actually, I don’t know what really happened. But forget it.

Broadly speaking, “Goblin Slayer” is an adaptation of a light novel by Kumo Kagyuu. The show is about the DOOM guy because every time he shows up, my metalhead’s soul suddenly flares up immediately. In a fantasy world where adventurers or heroes try to find fame or earn a lot of money, Goblin Slayer comes to finish off the goblins. His daily foods are just Goblins. So, people called him a Goblin Slayer. But, another reason why he only killed goblins from his brutal armor but that’s actually cool. After an episode where they always call it “dark” or something like that, he meets with a Priestess and forms a party. And the adventure began to only kill the goblins because when adventurers tried to defeat the demon king, Orcbolg was just a collector so no other adventurer would ever understand him.

I know White Fox always adapts an anime that’s not far from its impression of being mindblowing and depressing. Not too much but you can take such as “Steins;Gate” which is one of the best from the studio or “Akame ga Kill!”. This premiere has caused controversy especially for those who haven’t read the manga or light novel at all. When the first episode shows scenes of adventurous beginner women being raped, you couldn’t take it anymore. It’s just that, I see this as a trigger from the popularity of this anime. Like “Elfen Lied” which only shows explicit scenes in the first episode but the tone changed dramatically in the second episode. It has risen again throughout the episode.

The way it works is the same as “Goblin Slayer”. If you release the first episode from your shadow, then become a fantasy decent anime. However, this cannot be separated from the many scenes of genocide, blood, and representation of female characters. So, it’s not wrong when lay people are still not used to shows like this or those who still don’t understand what “dark” really was.

The show actually has an ideology, especially the relationship between the Goblin Slayer and the goblins. Apart from which, I saw this anime as something abundant far from people imagining it. As we know, goblins are the weakest enemy race in a fantasy game, RPG, or from other media and pop culture. Even “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”, the Korean drama, represents the goblin far from its stereotypical. But I think the goblins here are described as a small problem, especially for adventurers.

Goblins are just equal to a childlike. Orcbolg said that they aren’t stupid but not smart too. However, the adventurer often underestimated these cunning creatures and didn’t even know exactly what they were. For Orcbolg, he struggled through the past and became a Goblin Slayer out of revenge. This revenge is why he killed more goblins. If it has nothing to do with the goblins, he will never touch it.

Orcbolg isn’t too sensitive to his party friends except with his childhood friend, Cow Girl, who understands him better. With his cold and not too overpowered, he is like an anti-hero because we never cared how the hero defeated the demon king. We care about this Goblin Slayer who still has a sense of concern with the people around them. Yet, they never knew that they always ostracized and oppressed the Orcblog because he was only targeting the weakest race. It’s like when people want to be doctors or top-tier jobs. Surely, who wants to be a maid? Toilet cleaners? Garbage collector? Nothing and Goblin Slayer are the heroes here. Heroes without robes where people are never aware of their services except at the finale of the climactic battle.

As a result, besides this anime adapting the manga more than light novels, there were many details wasted. The light novel illustrations seemed to be better. While the tone always changes from a happy or charming atmosphere to dark or depressing, the limitations of each animation seem almost wasted. The CGI is pretty good when it comes to the dark or action scene against the goblins.

Unfortunately, they also use this in some simple scenes. Especially on some medium ranges because White Fox seems to lack a reliable animator here. The music is one of the best here because it’s rock, metal, and symphonic metal. So, why not? Except for the opening theme song “Rightfully” by Mili and the ending theme song “Gin no Kisei” by Soraru. Apart from being a bit less maximal and not too memorable but catchy, it seems to be a fantasy anime, as usual, in general.

So, what exactly is wrong here? Does the internet still not understand how the “Goblin Slayer” is or just see from the phenomenal side of the controversy? What about the fanservice because if there are no fans or moe characters, no one will watch this anime. I’m really serious about that. Lastly, dealing with a lot of rage in each community was a better guarantee. No need to care. Whatever it is, excessive or not, how much you like it, it’s a decent fantasy which gains a lot of popularity at the season. “Goblin Slayer” is an enjoyable “dark” fantasy show with quite an explicit content. But enough to say, Orcbolg doesn’t deserve to be ostracized. This hero is worth protecting.

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