The End of the F***ing World: Season One (2017) – A Darkly Comic Tale

James is 17 and is sure a psychopath. Follow the adolescence nihilism journey of Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden. “The End of the F***king World” is quite an ironic title yet so funny with its style. Considering each episode is only about 20 minutes and eight episodes. Compared to watching 40 minutes for one episode of TV shows or even an hour long. This series is like a playlist, a show it doesn’t waste much energy. It’s fast-paced, a unique world, unique characters, and indie music are everywhere.

“The End of the F***king World” is not like “13 Reasons Why” or “Riverdale”. Our hero, James, is a typical awkward guy with his own nihilism ideology. He himself admitted he might just be a psychopath because there is always a desire to kill. His meeting with Alyssa made him very obsessed after killing a lot of animals. Now, he wants to kill Alyssa as the first human he wants to kill. Alyssa is a typical naive naughty girl. This little sociopath-like also made her often manipulate her surrounding except James. It’s like Bonnie and Clyde but more adolescence. Their meeting starts on a road trip and going around the city while listening to country music. They love messing up with other people.

“The End of the F***king World” is a dark comedy series about “rule the world”. But, there are issues and thick culture in it. This series raises how the life of an adolescent child who is still immature could lose control. At their age they are still mature, they don’t even know what they are doing. In addition, this issue is inseparable from something often happens around us. They are sexual harassment, depression, failure of parents, or pedophilia. This conveyed in a very simple, very touching, and very straightforward manner. Without losing its dark comedy, it makes the series stand with its own uniqueness.

This series is inseparable from something absurd but can make our emotions melancholic throughout its story. Initially sympathetic, then you feel pleasure, sadness, but hate. British humor is one of my favorite things ever. Its impression isn’t too imposing as if to let the actor just flow. Simply maybe because I want the second season and for some reason, Netflix still doesn’t give us a magic touch. But, the reason why I watch this series is also because of Alex Lawther as James. It was based on a comic by Charles S. Forsman and Alex was the psychopath. He was amazing at “Shut Up and Dance” from “Black Mirror“. It’s one of the greatest performance characters without being able to do anything.

There is a feeling of confusion about this character besides James, Alyssa included. Unlike other love stories, this love story beautifully illustrated. A feeling of prestige arose between James and Alyssa but it turned out quietly what if they like each other. James as a psychopath is not a psychopath in general. After his flashback, he just self-claims himself to avoid sadness and fragility. Alyssa who is a sociopath and manipulative is like that because all she needs is love. This characterization brings us to a different perspective from James, Alyssa, and their respective parents. Because in fact, this is back from their parents again how the inner-self conflict arises because of their past.

With just eight episodes and 20 minutes for each episode, this series is so sensational yet clumsy. A feeling where you don’t really understand why and what. “The End of the F***ing World” is indeed a weird title. The oddity was what makes it unique from the coming-of-age story in general. Although the ending comes from an interpretation of everyone, would this series be made its second season? But on the other hand, rather bad later if forced quickly. This road trip-called adventure later became a love story in the form of two nihilism people. They were very fond of messing around.

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