Blade Runner 2049 (2017) – A Stellar Experimental Visual

It’s 2019 and humanity begins to enter the age of dystopia at least. Then, what is the picture of the next 30 years in the future? There is a flying car, a dystopian sky-building, making love with holograms, and the rapid development of technology. Besides, almost all of those we have it including married with a hologram. However, what if at the time we become lost? Is it just a beginning? Meanwhile, Android starts to become self-awareness. They adapt, have fake memories, and humans overcome them. The main key in Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner 2049” was how irony the future is.

San Diego, in 2049, became a city of rubbish so there was a warm-exploded feeling. The search for answers to the existence of each individual is the most powerful plot of Ryan Gosling as K. I appreciate the original Scott’sBlade Runner“, a masterpiece from the real filmmaking by Denis Villeneuve. Besides why Scott doesn’t like this “sequel”, Denis really knows how “Blade Runner” was. As one of the fans, Villeneuve reconstructs a powerful story of from its introduction, conflict, and resolution.

Though, this is not Harrison Ford’s role. “Blade Runner 2049” doesn’t need to bind tightly to the original itself. For Villeneuve, he composes a solid story and really stands out himself. However, this is also a film that will become a timeless cult-classic on several declarations as to the original. Will leave memories, the fate of both movies is able to make people fall asleep and leave the cinema.

For the KD6-3.7 or K agent, he knows exactly what Replicant is. He is a half-Replicant but half-human regardless he is a Blade Runner as well, tries to find out the vague memory in him. He imagined how to become someone is best when adapting to humans compared to Replicants in general. However, he was wrong. Regardless of where he goes, society always insulted, oppressed, and berated him. Just because he is a half-Replicant. He has to deal with various emotions, dilemmas, and mysteries. However, he wasn’t weak because he learned new things about it. It was very difficult for him to be indecisive but Ryan Gosling is not your favorite idol especially for fangirls.

Along with Deckard as the main character of the original “Blade Runner”, Harrison Ford collided together with Ryan Gosling. Deckard is the answer to all these fake memories. In his age, Ford was still able to do many contact actions, especially physical. After escaping with Rachel 30 years before, he was very shocked. He was shaken by many things in the past including himself who had been haunted by Roy Batty’s death. They learn how they do it and how their redemption would be in their past. We try to understand them one by one, becoming complex characters in addition to complex stories as well. This film works well, able to be positioned, and so emotionless to draw on.

The original could be one of the most beautiful science fiction films. I can watch this film with two different points of view, leaving a different experience too. While trying to explore various kinds of philosophical values, I also tried to watch both of them; regardless of the story. And this method is very applicable with “Blade Runner 2049”. While offering answers, there are so many things to talk about Deakins’ cinematography. From composition, miniature, color pick, and so on. When you don’t really care what humans were and Replicant, visuals are the most powerful entertainment. When you don’t really care about the plot twist and the key Jared Leto shows, visual is one of them. I can put any wallpapers and posters from every single frame of this film. Made one of the best Roger Deakins‘ cinematography for decades.

I’m not trying to be hipster because I’m very, very fond of cult-classic. Including works by Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Akira Kurosawa, Steven Spielberg, and others. I think, there will never be films like this in this era who are more concerned with fans or CGI. However, Denis Villeneuve came with “Prisoner”, “Enemy“, “Sicario”, and “Arrival”. Of course, this also applies to “2049 Blade Runner”. So, this is what it’s like to watch a real filmmaker movie. But, why is this film exist?

Surely, I’m not a fan of franchise because how an original film often spewed out thanks to it but some did it well. But, why? Watching this movie doesn’t make me think everything has been answered but it’s indeed like this. It’s an experience of watching “Blade Runner”. It tends to be with good things, the film is like having its own philosophical value about memories, existence, real or not real. Memory is one of the strongest syntheses for K even though it’s vague but authentic.

Talking about philosophy opens a more widespread discussion and critical thinking. It’s the same as visually making this as strongest candidates at the Oscars. Thankfully, this film managed it. However, this movie makes us hopeless as if recalling a memory where you first watched “Blade Runner”. Or maybe, the struggle why we’ve arrived here. Even Dave Bautista did Batista Bomb to Ryan Gosling but he wasn’t as good as on WWE.

Parallel characterizations make all the characters in it quite significant. They have threads emitted from each other. The chemistry between K and Ana de Armas as Joi is the strongest. Describes how empty and isolated K was. Each of the characters doesn’t pass through dialogue again. We have to interpret frames per frame from its cinematography and visuals. Because for the audience and Sam Esmail regarding the response of this film, you don’t need to remember it one by one.

Hundreds of materials, media, or whatever it’s makes “Blade Runner” as one of the biggest influential movies. However, I just don’t want to see reboots, remakes, especially franchise. Villeneuve is one of the directors besides being a fan of “Blade Runner”, he put his passion more than a filmmaker or fan. “Blade Runner 2049” is an amazing experiment, richly visuals, and stories about the existence of human feelings. Strong plot, world development and character which makes sense, and various philosophical questions. Flowing very smoothly into its dimensions, this film isn’t too dependent on its original.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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