Date A Live II (Spring 2014) – Life-threatening Dates

“Date A Live” never stops in told its story of Shido Itsuka as the most fortunate man even though he wasn’t as lucky as other MCs. It’s one of the contamination series it lives on until today. After a long-awaited after the aftermath in the first season, this second season continues into visual novel dating sim-like into a gimmick; as the dating is an emphasize to save the world. This sequel feels more like a rushed series than the first season where Koushi Tachibana and Production IMS worked on just 10 episodes. It’s different from the first season or the type of anime in general where they always work on one cour show. Because of that, this sequel is quite different, apart from I kind of enjoy what was shown.

Still, the story focuses on Shidou our savior of the world without a robe. While the first season tells about Shidou’s struggle in conquering four spirits, this season focuses on the spirits of the Yamai twins and Miku Izayoi. But, the show is a little bit slippery and stiff. Like a harem show, I don’t expect much but it looks like the first episode makes me uncomfortable. But, why did I continue? Because I have to finish what I just start. Introducing, Tohka as the underlooked lead girl. In fact, the show didn’t explain much except that she was the lead heroine. Then, Origami as the overcoming stalker to Shidou. But, I kind of notice something that Shidou really enjoyed. He really enjoyed everything as in the first season, he looked uncomfortable. Maybe because he had found Yoshino, Kotori, and Kurumi but they lived like family; except Kurumi.

Tohka is different in the first season but in this season, she is more confident, innocent, and honest. Similar to the second series, it is inseparable from the various cultures. On the other hand, there is Origami who doesn’t want to be outdone by Tohka herself. The love war begins as in the harem war more precisely. In addition, this season sticks with its old format, which is a choice.

Shidou must go through various choices in order to conquer the spirits. Strategy and direction are the main keys but the show has something that’s lacking with feeling. Like Shidou, like it or not, you have to pretend himself so that the spirits, or the girls, can be conquered. Therefore, all of the girls seem to react to Shidou instead of hunting for more spirits. That means there will be more kisses than I expected. Dating is no longer the main key, but a harem show I don’t really expect so much.

The pacing is very fast and different from the first season where you see new heroines. This season, because it has fast pacing, the execution is very bad. The Yamai twins besides the two of them are the stage of all of which are just memorable through a cameo. The show focuses more on the encore itself, which is the chemistry between Shidou and Miku. I kind of forgot how Tohka’s alter ego had been told and a few roles for Kurumi but just like things, nothing but poses personalities. Don’t forget with the classic beach episode. I preferred the first season where Shidou slowly got what he had achieved. While this second season focuses on those who already exist.

I like Shidou more this season than at the beginning of the series. He is now more aware of what his mission really was, what he was there for, and what his purpose. He is courageous in conquering all these spirits by playing his character to pretend to be someone else. The spirits also deserve to be blessed saved by Shidou because they have something more than just being saved. All of them are unique and one thing is certain as well, they deserved to be together.

The chemistry between Kurumi and Shidou is actually the most interesting part. Kurumi is the most unique spirit of all and the fans were adore her. I don’t know, but she seems like an antagonist or anti-hero maybe. But, she deserved more than just the OVA. And by the way, the OVA is one of the beautiful things I’ve ever seen compared to other sub-plot characters.

While the action takes the same format as in the first season, I can’t say that the two are the same. Shidou, like himself, acts as nothing but worse in this season. In fact, almost all spirits cannot fight Miku at the end of the arc except Kurumi who even has a small role. Origami herself couldn’t do anything and Shidou could only whine and try desperately as much as possible. You’re just focusing on the fan service just because screw action, here we come fan service. The artwork, despite the studio change where it was AIC Plus+ previously, didn’t change anything and I liked it. The new spirits, the Yamai twins and Miku, have some unique and distinctive design. The background feels more natural even the beach episode seems as well. The traditional panties, swimsuits, and other things you could come with fan service.

The soundtrack is the same as the first season but Miku’s voice sounds like a bit of annoying. Not that Minori Chihara is a bad voice actress regardless she was good in “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” as Yuki. While that’s all, the soundtrack is fit with the scene whether it’s action or drama. The opening and ending theme songs have a remarkable feel because of it. The second season has a bit of disappointment from lack of characterization and story but in fact, it’s one of those series which live on and on. We are not given much about spirits and only 10 episodes fill two arcs. Despite giving something new, the contrasting between the main character and new spirits were so-called blurry. For an average show, I still like this series and forever might be.

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