The Office: Season One (2005) – Comedy for Everyone

“The Office” launched Steve Carell’s name as a comedian actor; thanks to this US version based on the UK sitcom remake. With his character as Michael Scott, he plays a boss in a small paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It’s a TV series written by Greg Daniels. He was known as one of his animated series “King of the Hill” along with Mike Judge. For most American audiences, this sitcom is not new because most of them have watched the UK version. After aired on BBC America, this series became a slice of life from office workers and situation comedy, funny yet uncomfortable.

Michael Scott is our daily boss in a fictional character but he is like a boss in the real world. He holds a charge so that no one dares to reject it. However, he is not a serious boss because he often plays with his “friends”. While the show is more of a mockumentary format wherein it’s a shot of documentary but fiction, the camera seems to be the third character. I just need to see it, we can see their daily activities but they are self-aware with the presence of the camera or audience. Even for something very simple between characters and cameras can cause something funny.

Apart from Michael Scott, we see that there are many characters in the office, it doesn’t mean Michael doesn’t have friends or anyone. They are Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute. Dwight was Michael’s right hand, who always seriously surpassed everybody in the office. Anyone who fights him will not hesitate to report to Michael. But, his seriousness always annoyed and played by John Krasinski as Jim Halpert. He is a normal guy but doesn’t expect too much from him because he is the most passionate guy. Not to mention, he has a crush on Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly but Jim is always jealous of her boyfriend. The rest of the characters meet small parts but are noticeable so nothing memorable missed.

The show focuses on the main plot about Michael who always talks about something like basketball, roleplay as historians, or a slice of life in general. However, the second segment focused on the relationship between Jim and Pam regardless of whether they were dating because Jim was always jealous. Just poor Jim, always made friend zone. The comedy focuses on something awkward with the camera focusing on depressing or discomfort character reactions. Much of the comedy, besides something awkward or whatsoever, also lies in the wordplay of each character or how they always explain their situation through those documentaries. There is no laughing track where you always find it on the 80’s sitcom. The show doesn’t have a soundtrack or anything except with such an iconic opening show at the intro.

“The Office” feels like a modern sitcom that’s different from its predecessor or sitcom in general. Apart from this based on the UK version, I think this is a funny and enjoyable sitcom. Steve Carell as Michael Scott is just our dream-like boss we always want to hang with. All of the characters are very unique and every segment, for this season, it’s really funny at least. The jokes unless you are a non-American, rather difficult to connect with it. However, not all of them are like that. It’s just a classic modern show.

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