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Quentin Tarantino, one of the names who is often called when you talk about movies. Tarantino is a director, even in the current era of filmmaking, has more passion than anyone. When all director and developer trying to be mainstream, Tarantino came. He came up with an embodiment of one of the classic cult director. Approximately 25 years ago, “Reservoir Dogs” became one of the best indie films of its day. It’s a film that introduces new pop culture in it. For the first time, Tarantino popularized trademarks such as witty dialogue, non-linear plots, interconnected related characters, classical music, dark comedy, and bloodshed. What we know best from his trademark is one of them is a trunk or an inspiration from other films.

Tarantino used underrated actors during his time. Only Harvey Keitel is quite widely known. Tarantino also uses Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman for his next films. Opened with a scene of eight men having breakfast while debating what the true meaning of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” was. Six of them are unknown by name. They just use pseudonyms namely Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Pink, Mr. Blue, and Mr. Brown. The other two were Joe Cabot and Nice Guy Eddie. There are so many actors to mention. None other than, they are Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Steve Buscemi, Eddie Bunker, Quentin Tarantino, Lawrence Tierney, and Chris Penn. With new young faces, it’s known that they intend to rob a diamond shop of the surrogate from Cabot.

After a cool slow-motion introduction, the movie immediately opens with the aftermath. Tarantino invites us to witness his own non-linear path. There is no robbery scene and nothing at all. First, Mr. White and Mr. Orange. Mr. Orange was seriously injured as a result of a gunshot wound. Who shot him? Why? How? They headed for a warehouse which was used as a checkpoint for them after the robbery was finished. The audience immediately knew, after the scene, if the robbery didn’t go smoothly. The police have ambushed them first. Enter Mr. Pink, believes one of them betrayed and leaked the robbery. The atmosphere increasingly becomes chaotic, tension, mutual suspicion, and a sense of anxiety arises among them.

Tarantino uses robbery as its main background or plot. Like Tarantino’s films in general, this film divided into several chapters. There is a sequence of Mr. White, Mr. Blonde, and Mr. Orange. Each of the backgrounds tells each character why they are there, how they can join, and relationships with other characters. “Reservoir Dogs” becomes very interesting because of the Tarantino characteristic. Slow-motion opening scenes are definitely the coolest opening scene and become a pop culture in it. The scene where Michael Madsen cut a policeman’s ear accompanied by Stealers Wheel’s “Stuck in the Middle With You” became one of them as well. Madsen is the actor who performed best in this film as his psychopathic character. Tim Roth also really caught the eye.

“Reservoir Dogs”, as I said earlier, did not have a robbery scene. In addition, critics always consider this film as one of the best crime films ever. But, the most unique part is adrenaline and intense inside the warehouse. The second interesting part is when all the characters come together, smear each other using a gun, and bang. In a nutshell, we are only more focused on who is the traitor, who will die, and what will happen to them after leaving the warehouse. The debate is the most powerful character in this film. In addition, the third is located in the dialogue. The dialog often contains characters who talk about their favorite songs or films. Tarantino says that it often happens to everyone. Unconsciously, we are like that.

This film has a very, very surprising twist. That is the main key to the placement of the surprises. The impression gives us a shock whereas if it never happened in the next 10 seconds from now. But, not all the characters are told in detail except Mr. White, Mr. Blonde and Mr. Orange. I think Tarantino prefers to explore our human side to someone we never met. “The Hateful Eight” is one that also tells the point of view alternately. However, Tarantino in the film uses a narrator approach and dark humor as the main key. Personal ego, friendship, and loyalty are very thick in this film or should I just say all other Tarantino films.

“Reservoir Dogs” is a very special independence film and a satisfying debut from the Tarantino after “Pulp Fiction“. Tarantino likes blood as well as other films. I want more than this but the film is also rather difficult why I have to say it as a masterpiece. A very great achievement, full of passion even different from the movies today. Yet, this film is a low-budget movie. However, the idea in it is very luxurious, a lot.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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