Mr. Robot: Season Three (2017) – Keep Your Enemies Close

Although Esmail has announced “Mr. Robot” will end in season four, I’m very grateful. This is not a TV long-running series like TV series in general. Now, this third season is arguably like a finale, even the series looks like it’s over in this season. In this third season review, the story more revealed the puzzle one by one. It had haunted us from the first and second season. Confusion has long resided and this time in the third season, everything becomes increasingly tense.

Before the 5/9 tragedy, Tyrell Wellick had a close relationship with Mr. Robot. They are really partners. They both understand each other and have a mind of God complexity which has aligned goals. The Dark Army provides a gap for both of them to be able to invade E-Corp assets globally. Erase the value of E-Coin’s virtual currency. However, Tyrell realized that Elliot had a split personality after it told by Angela. Because of this, Tyrell was hesitant to make Elliot his partner regardless of how much he glorified him.

Tyrell, on the other hand, still doesn’t know the whereabouts of his wife, Joanna Wellick. Regardless of Joanna is a mean sociopath. The Dark Army successfully ran Stage 2 against E-Corp supported by Tyrell and Elliot. As a result, the number of victims exploded after the bombing incident. The FBI arrested Tyrell after he realized his mistake. In this third season, the Dark Army has an advisor, Irving (Bobby Cannavale). He is an agent who is under the control of the Dark Army. Behind his calm personality, he has a cruel psycho aura.

The Dark Army itself is fully controlling of the FBI. Mole Santiago (Omar Metwally) is the most influential person at the FBI. He is also an informant and executor of the Dark Army. Dominique DiPierro reveals the mastermind behind this large-scale tragedy from Cyber Apocalypse where Whiterose is the mastermind. However, Santiago always neutralizes these cases related to the Dark Army.

After escaping and disappearing, Mobley and Trenton tried to escape from the criticism of the Dark Army. However, they didn’t succeed in escaping. The Dark Army made both of them as a scapegoat in this Cyber Apocalypse event. They manipulated Mobley and Trenton and set to become a terrorist. After that, F-society is now dead and has separated Elliot and Darlene. Angela also participated in this Dark Army’s game after Whiterose manipulated her. In this season, Angela’s backstory began to unfold and what her relationship with Philip Price was.

This season includes more about the Dark Army and its attacks. Elliot tried to stop Stage 2 after also successfully convincing Mr. Robot to come with him. However, they resisted and resisted and eventually failed. Sam Esmail’s cinematography is very noticeable how he likes wide space in describing his character’s emotions. He also likes to do one-take, including “eps3.4_runtime-error.r00” where this episode uses one take. It looks like one-take. Even though like that, nothing new because in the previous season he used it as well.

The most interesting part of this season is the psychology inner conflict between Elliot and Mr. Robot when they fight to achieve certain goals. But, Rami Malek gave his greatest performance during this season. How the psychology war inside him even he hit his head on the wall, who else if not him? Malek itself seemed to be accidentally funny but it was indeed his intention that formed a violent horror. In addition to their chemistry, Angela is the most mental breakdown character in this season. Her role is more important than just being a sub-plot. Darlene is also like that where she is not only Elliot’s sister but more than a character.

Bobby Cannavale is terrific amazing as a psychopath in his loyalty to the Dark Army. Even though it’s like that, I also can’t trust him because we never know what the fourth season will be. This third season completes many vague puzzles. The third season is more a settlement after what happened in the previous season. Esmail is everything and when it comes to “Mr. Robot”, it was one of the promising shows to live up the standard premise. Now, how does this series end? How come the new battle after Vera reappeared? Brings the season fourth now.

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