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We don’t really take seriously show like this because what I got is nothing more than a strange concept. I love Japan and its culture. Their genius when it comes to anime and literature exceeds what America or British have. But, don’t worry because “Date A Live” comes with a strange idea and uses the concept of “dating” as the plot. I’ve got a lot of strange things like this, even some that are weird than this. Seeing something more than this show is not something I want to explore more. It’s a show about harem (of course), romance, and comedy with quite nice artwork but it’s just cut the crap out of nowhere.

This show takes “dating” as the main plot and Shido Itsuka is the main key to his mission to make all heroines fall in love with him. If he fails, the world will end. It’s sad but Shido is the luckiest person (I don’t know how many times I got an MC like this). This series is like a visual novel but an anime. Shido, at each arc, will date the heroines he meets in his mission to save the earth.

Our first heroine, also leads heroine, is Tooka Yatogami came to Earth and resulted in complete destruction. She is very good at fighting, even her magic skills are reminiscent of an overpowered fantasy genre. Initially, she is shown with cold-blooded, merciless nature until meeting Shido. She has a lack of common sense in Earth where she sees something new. But, Tooka is just an adorable girl with a childish nature.

There is no other side to talk with the antagonist or to come with anything. Another girl is Origami Tobiichi, Shido’s “friend” I guess. She is a stalker, stalking Shido from anywhere whether from his home or anything. Even so, her weird personality of love always makes Shido rarely bothered as well. Or does Shido really enjoy it? On the same side, she is also the same as Tooka with lots of actions to come with. But, it doesn’t really tell whether she is an antagonist on the side or not. It’s better if it’s not there at all. In fact, she is just a mysterious girl where you never get things like this.

Dating is the most powerful key in this series. This anime works like a visual novel where you conquer one and another heroine. Unfortunately, this is an adaptation of a light novel, not a visual novel. The show tells us there is an organization that gives Shido a direction in order to conquer one heroine. Strangely enough, Shido is the key to everything where he has a mysterious lucky power. He can lock the overpowered power of these heroines by kissing them. I mean, what do you expect? It’s an anime, dude. Even the most, strangely enough, Shido doesn’t seem to enjoy it but I don’t know how he enjoys it or not. He is really uncomfortable and looks like he is forced from behind. Like, Shido doesn’t really care about this.

This is a harem and of course, fanservice is everywhere. Fanservice here, fanservice there, fanservice everywhere. There is no development from main characters other than this anime has nothing from the main storyline. Moreover, I’m very sure anime like this spawn many seasons. This series has also reached the third sequel recently. This series stores its fanservice to a new level. Although not trying to exaggerate, the first episode seems to be true. From the generic character design, the little sister who fall in love with her brother, annoying tropes, and panty shots. Many heroines have different colored hair but this season is only given at least four spirits from each arc. Every arc, they are given three episodes at least.

The dating, besides being the main plot, is just another weak point to come up with. The lines, the connection, the build-up, it’s a lack in any of those. It’s just another part when you want to say it doesn’t mean anything or rather, a cliche. The actions are pretty good with lots of explosions and military stuff everywhere. The fighting is just another part if you don’t care too much, this another “save the world” concept with a kiss is your food. The jokes are just harem in general where there are awkward situations, running gags, comic reliefs, and misunderstanding situations. The soundtrack pulls magic and fantasy in it. It’s not really catchy but quite memorable for the opening theme song by sweet ARMS’ “Date A Live”. There are many different ending theme songs which gave you some variety but less pass it though.

Bottom line, “Date A Live” is just another series with a weird concept in general and a mixture of visual novel-like, harem, sci-fi, and comedy. This includes an anime where I enjoy more but in other contexts. In addition to the many lacks of development and rushed stuff, it might better to read the light novel if you feel this is not the right thing for you. A kiss can save mankind but Shido doesn’t seem to be the right decision. Just go with the flaw rather than try to explore or thinking too much.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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