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KyoAni, the best as its best. KyoAni, the studio I really love so much. And more precisely, it’s a studio that becomes its Moe trademark. Apart from that, this is also the most mediocre studio which working on mainstream projects. “Amagi Brilliant Park” doesn’t seem too valid but Moffle, the mascot park, is very similar to Bonta-kun from “Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu”. Both of these anime are also based on a light novel written by Shoji Gatoh. Thankfully, this is an anime with its fresh idea but has imagination in it especially at the season.

This anime follows a daily life of members of an amusement park from a fantasy world trying to make their park to be the best ever. It’s a worthy idea to come with Kanie and Isuzu as the most attractive protagonist and heroines in this anime. The show tells the story of Isuzu as our heroine trying to persuade Kanie the narcissistic to become the manager of the park. A long story begins with Latifa as the queen of the fantasy world of the amusement park. She has a curse. In order to cure the curse, Kanie, the former child actor must try to collect 500.000 visitors in four months. If not, the park will be closed because it’s also the world of fantasy creatures in it including Latifa herself.

While it’s a unique idea as a fantasy-themed comedy show, the story is not new. I was binge-watching this in one night as a part of my insomnia. Actually, nobody cares too much. How could a mascot of a bear-like, a dragon from the world of fantasy, a group of pirates, wrestlers, and an Indiana Jones-like meet and become one? Strangely enough, this anime combines these fantasy settings into reality. So, is this real or not? Please, don’t start again. This is not a vibe from “Paprika“-like or something but this is a normal show in general. On the side of its ridiculousness, this anime has idiot characters, funny, and unique. What exactly happened? Is the author temporarily drunk when writing the light novel?

Just add a squirrel-like otaku character, add a shark with its demon face when doused with water, add that four fairy culture idols, add that two perverted mascots. Add everything, modify everything, make it as interesting as possible. These characters also add a lot, lots of energy so that this show has pleasant pacing. And to be honest, I’m binge-watching this show as I said and it’s not really that boring or bad. Because there are too many characters as well, the show doesn’t have many times to fill them. Except for just a few, Moffle, Tiramie, and Macaron are the three most stolen screen. Except for Tiramie and Macaron, Moffle is a mascot that has actual stories and not as comic relief.

Moffle at first act like a douchebag who hated Kanie at his first glance. Same with me seeing Isuzu who always controls something even Kanie who can’t stand with her. But, we understand it easily and quickly regardless of their characteristics will never change. Latifa is the main key to the amusement park and the main plot. Apart from her role as the main stage, she had weaknesses in her illness so she rarely focused. She also drew the most drama and emotional scene to become something with its own plot. Kanie and Isuzu are the show. They both have almost the same personalities as they have to move on with the past and move forward. They also have reasons for how they are there, starting from why Kanie is no longer an actor and why Isuzu is always pointing her gun at people.

I’ll not try to nitpick this show, how this show is boring, there is no character development or anything. It’s just an enjoyable show with so much color in its artwork. Like KyoAni, the animation is like a rainbow. The soundtrack really has its energy especially the opening theme song which is quite memorable. The sound puts memorable jazz music with lots of energy in it. Like trying to watch a circus show but in fact, the show is like a “show”.

Like the popular anime or another which spreads a lot of fanbases, they are not giving us a sequel or second season. Actually, I want to see more even want to see the romance between Kanie and Isuzu in it. I accidentally got an internet spoiler again- thanks for the internet -if the light novel is just out of the box. Like reading the light novel of “The Pet Girl of Sakurasou”. It’s just… damn. What a torture. Besides, “Amagi Brilliant Park” is an anime that comes with not many expectations but is very amazing when you watch more. It’s just one of the anime that you enjoy and you’re not too dizzy trying to see its little details. It’s just more than anything, to begin with, this is just another good show I want to see more.

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