Waiting in the Summer (Winter 2012) – Narrative Through a Film

“Waiting in the Summer” is a summer self-explanatory but this is a winter anime. I don’t know, there might be a metaphor in it but I started overanalyzing here. It’s a J.C.Staff project which takes a similar concept to “Please Teacher!” or any of series. Apart from that, this anime is a mixture of romance stories you have got in this genre. An octagon love with a theme like “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”. But, it’s a romance. Interestingly, this series is directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai, who directed the best majority romance title, “AnoHana” and “Toradora!“. In fact, Kirishima Kaito, the lead character, seems to be a rip-off of Jintan from “AnoHana”.

As the story focuses on this Jintan wanna be, Kaito is just a geeky-like who loves filmmaking. He always brings his camera anywhere, recording anything, like wanting to make a film documentary. Kaito has friends such as Ishigaki Tetsurou, Tanigawa Kanna, and Kitahara Mio. Three of them join Kaito to work on his film whether it’s a movie or not, I never know it. He continued, Kaito focused on a red-haired girl who later became a new transfer student in his class. She is Takatsuki Chika who seems difficult to socialize but there is a secret she is hiding. It turns out, the presence of herself as a creature of E.T. develop a relationship with Kaito along with his friends.

“Waiting in the Summer”, at first glance, is probably a cheap romance anime, monotonous, and takes a copy-paste system from old anime romance. But, this show brings anything you could come with. It brings a classic story about where there is a meeting, there is a farewell. In fact, the ending of the show really breaks your heart. Even so, it’s a fact that this is a romance anime that takes common tropes in its genre. J.C.Staff borrowed an artwork similar to “AnoHana” in addition to both of them was a story about something in the summer. The quality of animation is not too special but an achievement from this studio. Color picking is very colorful even for character design is also very unique. In addition, lighting and color saturation are really “summer” and noticeable.

Besides “Waiting in the Summer” borrowing certain tropes from the genre, especially classic anime, this anime is a melodramatic series. In fact, this anime is not far from a corny, awkward, and cheesy word. Somehow, I like this anime and I enjoy it. All of the characters seem likable, memorable, and unforgettable. The main character, Kaito, really a guy with his camera besides having no privileges. Same with Ichika, she is also the same as a heroine. The difference is that she is an alien while Kaito is an ordinary boy. It’s their relationship that makes it even more unique from how they feel awkward and express their feelings. They both share the same personality with awkward when they are both but they open themselves to each other.

Kanna borrowed tsundere tropes in general, but it wasn’t too annoying from other tsundere characters. She is not too annoying but it’s also very easy to sympathize with her. How she had to go through the bitter days of seeing Kaito and Ichika and she even spent her time on her room. Kanna is different from such a stereotypical and it seems like she has the most developed character. There is frustration, a real character, and sadness in her.

Mio is a shy girl who has a crush on Tetsurou but Tetsurou likes Kanna while Kanna likes Kaito. Connect constantly if you want to. Mio has a personality or arguably, a syndrome where she must be naked when she sleeps. When it comes to Tetsurou, I just want to say that Mio’s and Tetsurou’s relationship seems like an interesting point. It’s just that, it doesn’t really focus on them. The show focuses too much on Kaito and Ichika so it feels rushed to Mio and Tetsurou. However, it’s also not my part of a minor problem.

Remon Yamano is comic relief, the most trigger, and supporting character. Besides that, there was no impression that made her why she participated in making a movie with Kaito and his friends. On the other hand, she is who steals the performance and much screens. She is a mastermind behind this complex love relationship. She is smart but mysterious because we never know who she was. The soundtrack really fits with the theme of summer love. The opening and ending theme songs are memorable. But as the show much progresses, the animation and stories seem to be forced so there is no definite development. Regardless of which, the opening and theme songs are truly memorable, beautiful, and pretty catchy.

While the show is often associated with “AnoHana”, the fact that I’ve also never watched anime is a miracle. To be honest, I haven’t watched it because I knew the whole of this anime. This is because of the internet and influence from friends, dude. Thank you all, thank you. But, that doesn’t mean the anime was bad but I just want to watch it if I want to. Personally, “Waiting in the Summer” is a hard show romance. Unlike the romance anime in general where I’m always binge-watching, this is very difficult for me. There are so many twists I don’t really want in the characters in it. The ending is already predictable at the beginning, but it brings another tear like “Angel Beats!”. Yet, the fact that I’m also not the fans of the show. But, why not? It’s a romance.

The ending is one of the matters besides I’m not a fan of the ending of this anime. It doesn’t have much effect on me whether it’s a bad, neutral, or happy ending, during its execution. There are memorable impressions so I’ll pass it. But, the ending is very, very forceful so that there is no build-up in it. Like the cheesy romance anime in general, the ending ends with a self-explanatory conclusion that almost makes me forget about this anime.

Beach episodes are common in almost all anime whether they are present as fillers or fanservice as long as it’s a beach episode, then that is it. But, I find that the beach episode in this anime has a build-up of conflict when introducing new characters. However, I don’t know why there are still tropes like this. The characters that have just been introduced are also immediately got rid of it other than just being present as a trigger for main characters or whatsoever.

Films are the main little one of pop culture and part of the entertainment. It could be, the film becomes a separate art in its field. However, film, in this anime, becomes the most beautiful memory of the characters in it. The visual is beautiful and many beautiful shots illustrate the inland setting. For this anime, the film is a beauty for friends. We’re happy to record our memory even the anime tells its narrative metaphorically into the film they were working on. “Waiting in the Summer” isn’t the best romance show and has little flaws but it has beautiful scenery.

4 out of 5 stars.

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