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What an amazing show, what a breathtaking show, what a twist. This is “Breaking Bad”. The fifth season is the fall of Walter White and the conclusions of one of the best TV series ever. In addition, this final season isn’t intended for those of you who easily carried away by their emotions. In this season, Vince Gilligan gave us 16 portions episode and closed Walt’s glorious trip. An extraordinary story, mature character transformation, strong conflict, and beautiful visuals. We are also given a closing story Walter White deserves.

Walter White now has a new enemy and that is his own family. Yes, his own family, the thing he protected most was then stabbed in front of him. Not from behind. Actually, the reality is indeed bitter for Walter besides having to fill in the empty meth market leftover from Gus Fring. From here, there is no longer Walter White. There is just Heisenberg as the manipulator, psychopath, and monster. I’m very happy how Walt was finally honest to his alter ego but must continue to lie and lie to his family. Walt has now finally succeeded in building his own kingdom despite sacrificing many things.

Apart from his family, Walt’s main enemy was Hank himself. After knowing who exactly W.W. was, the cat-and-mouse game between Walt and Hank began. A bitter reality for Walt was of course for the audience as well. We don’t want that to happen but the fact is slow or not, it will surely come. For his family even Jesse, Walt was like a monster. Even when Hank faced Heisenberg directly, he didn’t know who else he was talking to. He is a different person, someone who is not the same as his brother-in-law. But one of the most difficult things for Walt was leaving his family. From the start, he did this for the sake of his family, for Junior, and for Holly. He will do everything after his cancer back. However, his family is the antagonist in this season.

Heisenberg killed many people, killed and killed again. He manipulated Jesse to even crush Jesse into a fragile character. For some reason, Jesse is the most realistic character in this season. We’re more sympathetic to him than with Walt. After being forced to kill, exploited by Walt, and gathering anger, Jesse seemed to be a puppet. Truly, too many dramatic scenes to heartbreaking. As if, we don’t see the same character again from the beginning. No more Walter White. No more Hank. Everything is gone.

This season finale gives us a meaning of what actually “Breaking Bad” was. Too many memorable and even badass scenes in it. Gilligan gave us “Ozymandias” as one of the best TV episodes ever. All the bad things happened in such an episode, a peak where Walt realized all the bad things he predicted would come too. A high level of adrenaline between Hank and Walt, Heisenberg’s first meeting with Hank. “If that is true, if you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best courseā€¦ would be to tread lightly.” Quoted Heisenberg to Hank from “Blood Money”. The tension becomes out of nowhere. You can’t stop watching, you want to watch it again, you feel cliffhanging.

Walter must face new enemies, Uncle Jack (Michael Bowen) and Todd (Jesse Plemons). Both are neo-Nazis who were both evils as well. As if these two characters are the two inner demons of Walter and Jesse. They almost have similar characteristics. Todd chose to take an easy path where he was always spontaneous in choosing between death or life. Jack is a purely evil character where we cannot see how this character begins. The final season still has black humor, especially minor to our favorite characters, Badger and Skinny Pete as the hitman. This series captures a character beautifully. Something we like, we sympathize now lost and killed. But, this series closed with a showdown we deserve, especially Jesse and Walt.

The season finale captures the beauty of tragedy and what’s actually “Breaking Bad” itself. This series tells everything slowly but surely. Such a way, Gilligan wrote a neat idea of complications. Its beauty seems to make us feel compassion, feel we deserve, but life is just temporary and mediocre. This is the study of character, the study of reality, the study of transformation, ego, and id. Survive, human instinct. Walt did everything for his family. There is a reason why people are evil or something changes someone from their past. It’s a roller coaster some of you don’t want to ride. A tribute and bow to Gilligan and people behind the scenes. Remember his name!

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