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What I always expect from a slice of life is a relaxed manner. You could just say, this genre is like heroin or weed where I always suck it if I’m in times of depression or in a not-so-good mood. When sucking on this “weed”, it’s as if “where is my mind?” and easily forgets this fanatical life. On the other hand, this genre includes various types of the same and repetitive formats. Usually, stories include the characters and their friends, school life, valentine, summer holidays, festivals, Christmas, new year, and always/rarely end with graduation or next year class. “Place to Place” is one of the cliches anime but a very relaxed style. It’s a fresh and new idea at the season. Stick on the adorable romance as well.

There is no doubt this show can be boring or vice versa. Personally, it balanced. There is no complexity, no heavy theme, nothing. It’s a show about a tale of romance, a comedy, school, and parody. It’s breaking the fourth wall and none other than, a sweet tale of simple book story. The plots consist of Io and Tsumiki along with his friends living their daily lives. It’s just that, Tsumiki built a relationship with Io in each episode. On the other hand, Mayoi, Hime, and Sakaki always annoy the fragile Tsumiki for cuteness like a cat. This show, in my opinion, doesn’t have anything or lack of development character. Every episode emphasizes the relationship between Io and Tsumiki. The show has a strong way to develop it and apart from that, it’s not really about romance as well.

The comedy is a “slice of life” type in general. I could laugh out loud in some parts whether part A or part B. However, it doesn’t often express my poker face. But, I can just chuckles a little whether I enjoy it or not. A relaxed manner but can still be said to be “monotonous” when compared to the same slice of life anime such as “Hyouka”. I mean, both of them are very different anime despite having the same concept of a slice of life and school theme. However, “Place to Place” feels like a rom-com show with a very calm atmosphere. It’s like a resort or maybe paradise or it could be heaven.

The show doesn’t just attach Io and Tsumiki as part of romance itself which probably is one of the best couples in the season. It shows a bunch of small characters as other important points. There are Miiko, Saki, Kikue-senpai, Kyouya, and Kana. These small characters fill a role or small subtext in some segments but with the impression of school style in general. But first, I want to talk about our main performance here. Tsumiki Miniwa is different from other tsundere heroines in general. She has it, I bet, but there is a difference between her cute side and tsundere. Her character design is often represented as a cat that has cat ears on her head. It appears when Io praises her beauty, her cuteness, or when Io pats her head.

Io Otanoshi, oh my, is one of the most obvious yet the only “overpowered” characters in this show. He is like some geeky guy with his glasses but that’s not the truth. Tsumiki is so skilled in cooking but is very overpowered and strong when it comes to parody action-like segments. However, she only has one weakness, Io. Io is like someone you don’t want to meet but he always gives you enlightenment like an angel descending from the sky. He is very good at cooking, and it’s not uncommon for Mayoi and Hime and other heroines to love him.

This show has Hime Haruno as our careless yet nose bleeding heroine. There is Sakaki Inui who is always cool even too cool making him look like an idiot. And finally, Mayoi Katose with her lab coat but her genius in understanding technology is needed. Besides that, she is also an idiot and careless.

The art is one of the truly important points where it’s fit with the concept, theme, and atmosphere. The color selection is colorful and bright makes this an anime full of happiness. Unique character design is aimed at each character besides Tsumiki’s cute cat-like or Mayoi with a cat-like anime style mouth design. A relaxed and bright atmosphere can’t be separated from how the character was. Regardless of which, the exaggerated animation was one worth mentioning too. It has one of the cutest opening themes I’ve ever seen. The concept is simple and the chibi-style character is so cute. The lyrics are simple about friendship seems makes it more than unique. The ending theme songs show action figures from each character of this anime. In post-credit, you get an additional segment about Io as a baby sitter of Tsumiki and others.

It might be better to suck this type of “marijuana” than cannabis or real cigarettes. Running in the middle of the road while naked and shouting, “I feel more alive than ever”. Well, I’ve no problem. More moe, more moe, yeah! Slice of life is one of my favorite genres. Except, if you watch a movie like this, it might feel boring. “Place to Place” is more than a place to place but this is a happy-theme relaxing paradise. Indeed, sometimes, the shows could be monotonous or boring in certain segments. But, why not? I really agree when it comes to that. But this anime seems very attached, very inherent in each of them.

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