Trigun (Spring 1998) – One Flew Over the Gunsmoke’s Planet

“Trigun” should be one of the best classic anime together with “Cowboy Bebop. Regardless, both anime aired in the same season with almost the same episode rations. But, there is a difference and similarity to the two series. First, they both adopted the same theme, westerns with a similar concept. One of them being a bounty hunter. Personally, this anime slowly begins with a simple narrative. As with “Cowboy Bebop”, they both use the collection of stories from the madness and daily life of the lead character in responding to the world. But, this anime easily connects you with all of the aspects. The character, the world in it, scope, and ideology cannot be separated from who Vash the Stampede was.

“Trigun” is classic western science fiction, action, adventure, comedy, anything you could say. This anime packed with full of tension, cowboy-style gun battles, and adrenaline triggers you many times in each episode. Each episode presents one point from the other points. You could cry or laugh but that’s how this show actually was. It’s a story about Vash the Stampede, a most-wanted terrifying yet cruel gunman. However, it was only in the eyes of people because he wasn’t a bad guy. Initially, the story cover up with no direction, no purpose, and selfexplanatory besides this is a story about Vash.

The good things about this anime are the characters and their adventures. Besides Vash with $60,000,000,000 on his head, he is accompanied by several characters. They were Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, insurance agents with the aim of monitoring the things Vash did and what he looks like. Halfway through, they will meet a priest with a gun-cross on his back, Nicholas D. Wolfwood. It’s very simple, right? However, the story doesn’t focus too much on the main thing. Except, every one or two episodes presents different stories where Vash meets other characters. He responds to them with various personalities. Some hate it, there is a capitalist, a bounty hunter who sacrifices everything, and there are so many more of these. There is no lack of character in this matter because they are what makes Vash’s development keep better. There is progress from Vash and his friends such as Meryl’s first impression to Vash become more clear if he is just a good person.

Vash the Stampede has complex characters. He understood the philosophy of optimism. In other words, he was a pacifist who tried not to kill anyone. This is more expressed to his increasingly complex past. At first, we see from just one perspective who he was. He was eternal, painless, and whatever. But, what makes him and people generally have a different perspective? Contradictions appear as if Vash is the villain while Vash himself always takes the right steps in saving both. However, he failed, failed, failed, and then suffered.

On the other hand, there is Nicholas D. Wolfwood which I don’t want to say but this character design is really similar to Spike Siegel. No, is that a coincidence? In fact, “Trigun” takes an almost-the-same concept in its character, background, and world. Anyway, Nicholas believes in the philosophy of pessimism same as Knives Million. They both have the same thoughts if there is something that connects and the reciprocal relationship between one thing is relative and certain. There is always one easy way if they are faced with two choices because saving both is impossible. This is inversely proportional to Vash’s thinking of taking an impossible step in every step. Just like Legato Bluesummers, there be a way where they don’t always take the right path. However, Nicholas is a truly complex character when compared to Knives and Legato.

Now, I have to say that this anime has little flaws. Unlike “Cowboy Bebop” which I really appreciate, “Trigun” is very different. The final showdown really ties well from what was the main core of this show. It’s just that, the antagonist is not given enough role until the second half of the show. Almost all characters come and go and leave no impression unless they develop Vash’s character and his friends. Meryl and Milly have a side complex character with Vash. The chemistry between both of them is also really good including their relationship with Vash and Nicholas. The show has a lot of comedy and one of the most unique comic reliefs ever. I mean, how many times did that black cat appear? Let’s count on one, two, and three. In fact, it turns out more.

This show meets than our eye. The voice actors did a fantastic yet excellent job. Masaya Onosaka, Show Hayami, Satsuki Yukino, Hiromi Tsuru, all of them bring an excellent job when it comes to voice acting. There are many out of character including when it comes to intense scenes and witty yet comical dialogue. This anime also has a good English dub as well as “Cowboy Bebop”. The quality of the animation is amazing. Sure, there are weird things I don’t think are too annoying just because this is an old classic anime. Sometimes, the frame stuck on one or two frames. It’s also has a cut that looks awkward. It is often found in the second half of the episode above episode 15 or 16 and above. But, this show is a well-drawn great with its background, details of the guns, and action scenes. The music comes with a nice western and country vibe with it’s perfectly fit. The opening and ending theme songs are pretty noticeable as well.

“Trigun” is a lesson of storytelling. This show has an impression that is so deep, scarce, and worth analyzing. It has complex characters through the series but none of that the antagonist is just a one-dimensional character. There are so many memorable scenes in this series and it managed to present everything perfectly. Sure, there is a lack in some aspect. But, this anime is so well in all of those. A show that is so interesting to watch. Moreover, if you just want to reminisce again, this show definitely is.

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