Breaking Bad: Season Four (2011) – Warning: Extremely Volatile

And like that, Jesse Pinkman shot dead Gale Boetticher. After Gale became a victim and betting material, Walter White and Gustavo Fring played a chess game. Instead of gambling, this is a chess game with various opportunities for how the player decides what the next step is. The fourth season this time focuses on Walter and Gus in the game. They risk everything, everything including their life. After three seasons, this season emphasizes what was previously mentioned. In this season, the audience sees Bryan Cranston’s incredible acting as the Joker of Walter White. We see the relationship between Walt and Jesse who went up and down until it gets heat.

Jesse Pinkman got worse from his trauma of Gale’s murder. Walter is even more stable and insane in this game. Gus Fring’s past began to be revealed why he did all of these. Walt and Jesse were not so close again. They often fight and also work individually. There are manipulative games here. Gus Fring played Jesse as his puppet doll while Walter risked everything and his family as well. Jesse, in this season, is a prize if one of them successfully completes this chess.

Walt’s position is increasingly dangerous. Gus began to carry out other tactics by keeping Jesse away from Walt. Jesse, this time, is closer to Mike so he can get in touch directly with Gus too. Walt really understands how this game flows. Therefore, Walt asked Jesse to kill Gus but he didn’t want to do it. On the other hand, Hank asked Walt for help in investigating Los Pollos Hermanos. Hank, initially depressed, became excited again after getting evidence from Gale’s apartment. The evidence includes Gale’s diary and also Los Pollos Hermanos.

Skyler finally decided to jump in as Walt’s pawn. He took care of money laundering by buying a car wash where Walt used to work. They started laundering money and money and of course, cars. However, new problems began to emerge. Skyler, secretly, was forced to give the money to Ted, which had its own problems. In addition, Skyler and Walt began to assemble a fake confession scenario to their families. Hank, Marie, and Junior finally found out what Walt had hidden his… gambling hobby. As it changes, Skyler and Walt prepare scenarios and memorize a script. The choice of words must be formal so that there is no lie in this matter.

I mean, what else can I say in this season. This fourth season really describes what “Breaking Bad” is. This season is more a fake confession, gambling, mind games, and of course, meth. The last four episodes are like riding a rollercoaster. Plus, the bell sound from Hector Salamanca always makes us feel terrifying. Sometimes, he is also funny in playing with the DEA. From the start, I expected this series to be like this season.

This season also begins to reveal Gus Fring’s past humanely. There was sub-plot for this one character. He had to deal with the Mexican cartel who terrorized his own group. Bravely, he fought all of that with his intelligence. Don Eladio was a friend of Gus Fring’s enemy in the past, the cartel boss. Risking his life, Gus Fring is one of the most phenomenal characters thanks to Giancarlo Esposito. Walt, who was shocked when his family wanted to be killed by Gus, reacted quickly. You can see how Walt was consumed by his own alter ego in “Crawl Space”. I mean, the final moment of this episode was… so… goddamn… amazing yet terrifying. Don’t also forget the “I am the one who knocks” speech. Another well-played from Cranston.

The wonderful acting is really strong in this one. The cinematography of the time-lapse shot is so memorable whether it’s as small as details. I don’t know but everything is very impressive. Aaron Paul? Really, he is an underrated actor but he really got his freedom and space in this season. Dean Norris is just a wonderful actor whether the chemistry between Betsy Brandt and their small details are so impressive. The transition between cut and cut at the end of the season when a small war begins. It just was so freaking good.

Gambling is a strong metaphor in this season. And that’s why the fourth season is a powerful illustration in describing “Breaking Bad” we know. The writers, directors, actors, producers, cinematographers, editors, composers, designers, thank you all. Thank you for taking your passion, love, and effort into this TV series. Every episode, I don’t know, I don’t know what to say. What a perfect show. What a goddamn perfect show!

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