Mr. Robot: Season Two (2016) – Control Is an Illusion


“Mr. Robot” is one of the drama series it could not be missed. After his success invited a lot of twists, Sam Esmail has won several awards. One of them is the Best Television Series Drama and Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role at the Golden Globe, 2016. In addition to the awards, this series managed to attract viewers in a series continuously from the first season. As a creator, Esmail once again directed all of these episodes in this season.

Initially, the first season told Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson as a hacker at night. Together with the F-Society, he tried to drop a corporate order called E-Corp. However, this second season is very different. Instead of hackers or anything to deal with science fiction, this season focuses more on the main character’s psychology. After he found out that Mr. Robot is his alter ego-personality, Elliot is the target of many interests. He was indicated to have a mental disorder until he is in a rehabilitation period to cure his illness. This second season gives us an answer to the most impacts. How E-Corp was hacked?

E-Corp then is on the verge of collapse. On the other hand, Darlene and others tried to fight and search for the ins and outs of why Whiterose (BD Wong) used them. The show accompanied by various kinds of tension, adrenaline, darkness, and gloom. However, this is Rami Malek’s and Christian Slater’s stage as Mr. Robot. Both of them, or rather one person, tried to fight a criminal underground named Ray (Craig Robinson). Besides, there were new characters. One of them is Grace Gummer as Dominique DiPierro. She was a young FBI agent who led an investigation into the F-Society. This season packed with a variety of more real scenes but it’s not about hackers.

For Elliot, it was very difficult to get rid of Mr. Robot who always try to control his minds. Another important point in this season is the illusion and unreliable narrator. Elliot tried to accept or cure the pain in him including his mind. The story focuses on more appropriate decisions whether he will fight or surrender. This also emphasized when Elliot no longer believed to the audience. However, there is something weird about why he lied to the audience and did not tell the reality. The plot twist in this one got me at the end of the “eps2.5h4ndshake.sme”. It’s just one of the best things this season. Good game and well played by Rami Malek. Kudos to him.

On the other hand, Angela began playing with games run by the FBI and Darlene. She was on the verge of a thin clapper making her who was right in this minding-bending game. Her participating in the F-Society is also a sub-plot we must be recognized more. Whiterose even took out her mind card in changing Angela’s perspective. From afar, there is something more interesting. What is Stage Two? Who designed it? Dark Army? Whiterose? Elliot? Mr. Robot? This mind game makes you mind-blowing when you get to the end of who is the mastermind. And one more, where is Tyrell now? Is Joanna included in the center of the game too?

The showdown didn’t tie all of its conclusions. Therefore, the ending hanging a little. Apart from which, it’s still an enjoyable psychological mind show to say at least that this is “Mr. Robot” in case you forgot what you were watching. And I also don’t expect much about how this second season ends even though I know Tyrell Wellick’s fate at the end and also Elliot Alderson. On the other hand, you felt it. One interesting thing from this season is that Esmail uses glitchy, error, and screen of death in one of its segments. I was surprised when this series changed to sitcom at “eps2.4m4ster-s1ave.aes”. The most absurdities, what-the-frick, and confusing moments in TV series.

Sam Esmail back at the game in this second season, producing something more, more than realistic. Maybe, it’s very excessive. Esmail’s direction in every episode was a breathtaking under-control and one of the best direction in a TV series. It felt strong in this one and it was one season that focused two other sides of the hacker and brought you into the Fight Club vibe. However, this is even more complex.

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