My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (Spring 2013) – Anti Social’s Different Perspective

“My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU” or “Oregairu” is one of the first anime which popularized an anti-social protagonist. Well, it’s not one of the first many but it’s first that popularized it. Instead, this is just your typical rom-com anime but it’s not really it. This anime represents the anxiety of teenagers in school. In addition to anxiety, the main character also presents a point of view of what life really is. Will you fill your life full of pressure or try to take everything? Will you sacrifice everything or try to pretend to be someone else? There are so many elements that this show is one of my favorite romance anime.

In fact, there are many people who feel their school experience is the same as Hachiman. Regardless if you may be too much alone or whatever. Other time, you see there are plenty of people who always pretend to be your friend. On the other hand, they are trying to push you on the brink just because they hate you so much. A bitter fact says that not everyone likes you. Either anyone even a stranger, there always someone who likes you and also doesn’t like you. This relies on Hachiman’s perspective o them.

Hikigaya Hachiman is the main character who represents his life through tragedy and irony. After his school days filled with various kinds of pressure, now he made a line so that no one tried to approach him. From here, Shizuka as his teacher so worried about his social life. She forced Hachiman to join a service club. This club functions as students ask for help. He then met Yukino with only one person at the club. Along with his journey to cure his anti-social ailments, he also met Yui who tried to help him.

It feels realistic that this show understands how it really is its own nature. It represents our tragedy and feeling to what Hachiman really wants to stand out as himself. From his glasses, he was disgusted by how people always pretended in front. We get through his mind as we really understand how social plays in it. If you want to survive in a social environment, you have to have an opinion and speak as much as possible. No more and no less, don’t talk too much and don’t be alone as well in the corner. Hachiman understands what we don’t understand and vice versa. He understood through his experience how he was often toyed with like he is now.

It’s not really a romance apart from its quite funny title. Personally, Hachiman is one of the coolest characters in all of the anime. He always becomes a bad guy for the people he wants to protect. But what exactly did he expect and sacrifice? There is nothing. Our heroines, Yukino and Yui, represent all of his social anxiety from their perspective. Yukino with her cynical and Yui gaze with the reason why she approached Hachiman. For Hachiman, they should not be involved with such social games. As much as possible, he made a limit so they wouldn’t feel what Hachiman really felt. But like that, it becomes more complex and complex.

The artwork has generic traits. The character design with the theme seems simple but it fitted with all of those. Hachiman’s dead-fish is probably one of the best things in this anime because there is a uniqueness where you can read his mind. The two main lead heroines are well drawn with their different cuteness and personality. All of the characters seem to like nothing unusual including our trap queen, Saika Totsuka. I mean, how could you go wrong even though you know he is a boy but still be captivated by his look? Anyway, the soundtrack has its light warming-themes regardless this is a gray story. The voice actors did a fantastic job from Takuya Eguchi, Saori Hayami, and Nao Touyama.

The theme songs really stand well and both of them really memorable in our heart. In addition, the pace of this series at first seemed flat but slow apart, it didn’t focus too much on romance itself. But instead, this seems like a slice of life show. Really stands well as its finest genre. “My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU” is an example of how comedy school is and a representation from our experience. I mean, not everyone has the same experience as Hachiman. But, I see there are some people like that. There are so many unique characters and the soundtrack that really feels warm. Because of that, social is a unique game. If you pretend to be, you can survive because social acted as a lie. According to Hachiman from what I see him.

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