The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments (Winter 2018) – Still an Excessive Show

The second season takes places after the first season. Hendrickson releases a powerful force in order to restore the long-sealed of the Ten Commandments. “The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War” can be a prequel that tells a little about this. Regardless of which, this series isn’t very important to watch. This season is also more discussing and focusing on the Ten Commandments. They are the main antagonist in this season. The protagonist and his friends are in a cornered where the antagonists are more powerful in this series. This is more interesting, again, because this season is more to the process of improving up. In addition, the second season is more open to its main character background that’s still vaguely. Most are Meliodas, Ban, Diane, and also Escanor that didn’t appear in the first season.

Although some characters are still unclear and look vague, this is a great step to reveal them slowly. The antagonists are also the same. Some are still obscure. They have a small part and the rest also more open as well so it tells back to focuses on Meliodas. However, until the end of the episode, there are still many more haven’t been discussed about it. It’s still unclear, especially their past and role. Since I prefer to read the manga rather than watch the second season, there are a few slightly changed. They didn’t affect the main storyline but the ending and climax look more different in comparison to it. The rest, the manga and anime haven’t changed in such a way. Both still follow the plot and the story.

The art is quite impressed at first glance. A-1 Pictures once again uses their skills to look promising in this part. The animation when the battles between overpowered characters are very visible. Throughout, the character details, as well as all of those, still seems to inflate. I think the difference when reading shounen manga is more noticeable when watching the anime adaptation. Regardless, this depends on the studio whether there is a strong intention in adopting this sequel or not. Because I see some shounen anime, unlike this series.

The music and the soundtrack are still in Hiroyuki Sawano’s hands. His score comprising adrenaline and tension. However, it’s still the same as the first season. I think he may not want to make a slight change and adjust it more from the first season. The opening and ending theme songs are really quite interesting than the first season. “Howling” by FLOW and GRANRODEO are quite memorable. I prefer this one more than others. Yuki Kaji gives a nice job as filling the voice of our main character. As well as the rest is still good. Some of the voice actors of the Ten Commandments are pretty interesting. Tomokazu Sugita also like that, filling Escanor that has a contrasting personality.

To be fair, I watch this season just because I want to see the first impression of Escanor, the last member of the Seven Deadly Sins. He makes an initial recognition of his character look cool from the others. His recognition is also noticeable when it comes to his introduction, background, past, experience, and before the story. Although I’m not talking a lot here, there are some twists that will also surprise you during the storyline.

The second season has never felt any less and there are advantages. This season feels there is action everywhere, the overpowered battles between characters in such a very cool way as well as the first season but this one take the cake. The characters are more open and also have sympathy so that it’s kind of dramatic. The rest of it is looking great although some still seem to plot holes as well as closed. But, it’s pretty exciting and enjoyable.

“The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments” is an excessive overpowered shounen anime. Although the characters still seem hazy and not to mention some didn’t get enough roles, this second season looks promising if it is called as a sequel. I’m not really expecting whether there is a third season. It’s time to back to the manga again. But, this is a beginner recommendation if you guys are still a newbie for an anime.

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