The Seven Deadly Sins (Fall 2014) – An Extraordinary Fantasy Show

There is something that makes some shounen anime really mess up and you always become ‘okay’ for those anime. You really don’t belong for what you enjoy or still kind to pushed up yourself. You still didn’t understand what shounen was. Shounen anime becomes normal in a certain arc. Other times, you become goosebump or you become bored with the plot as well. But, there is some kind of you want to go through all of it even I know everything overpowered.

“The Seven Deadly Sins” is the essential title for the recommendation. The concept is as unique same as “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”. Both of them using the same theme about seven deadly sins along with the character form. But, this one really goosebump me in every scene, action, and intensity. I know this is tantamount to typical shounen anime in general, fanservice, and etc. However, “The Seven Deadly Sins” is one good title to watch if you are new to anime and things like that.

The main plot is about the misadventures of an ordinary team travels around the land. They looking for other members of a mysterious group known as “The Seven Deadly Sins”. Otherwise, they have disappeared for several years. At first, we’ll be introduced to Elizabeth, the third princess of the Liones kingdom whose journey seeks for the long lost members of the Seven Deadly Sins. In order to restore her kingdom to become peace again. The main point focuses on Elizabeth with her mission trying to locate the member. It really doesn’t get any point for her.

Like many shounen anime, “The Seven Deadly Sins” comes with a variety of characters, background, jokes, conversation, humor, drama, and action. If you dig below, it has so many flaws of what you’re thinking. But, I thought I just enjoy such various battles between characters and characters. Along with their background and diversity. It’s really a purpose and stands out so you keep trying to enjoy it. That’s not too difficult and not too easy. It’s always in balance where the speedometer was in the middle.

With a studio that also produces “Sword Art Online” and “Fairy Tail”, “The Seven Deadly Sins” is one of the most classified types of high quality. You can see the flow and detail so well. The characters designs are also very good. The backgrounds and the animation is great also when it comes to the overpowered fight scenes. Although it’s not like “Sword Art Online”, “Fairy Tail”, or A-1 Pictures‘ project, this show has a resemblance to “Blue Exorcise”. But, it raises the tone with a high-contrast. Tensai Okamura is the same person who directed both and he always maintained the quality in various episodes.

I didn’t know Sawano Hiroyuki was part of the music. I also noticed it after several years of watching it, I was still unconscious. Like the animation, the music in this show has its own unique element. More concerned with the quality. The music sometimes partly by always repeating it in every scene. Thought, what’s wrong when all of it fits in various scenes? The openings and endings are the best which is all four songs are memorable. I prefer the “Seven Deadly Sins” performed by MAN WITH A MISSION when compared to the others. I also consider others are good. For the voice actor, I think there is almost everything I know when filling out the voices of those characters.

For most of the characters, there are many unique things you can explore in this aspect. The main heroine, Elizabeth Liones, seems to have a little role that’s not too sufficient to explain. There is still much needs to be explained so that she can become a more character. Although, she is the main focus here. Meliodas is a good funny guy and he has a well-development character that never changes. Just for the first season. Some of the backstories are still vague. It makes us more curious again to be able to see them with various nature. By watching the rest of the episodes without explaining it, there are Ban, King, Diane, Gowther, Merlin, and our sidekick, Hawk. I know there are some flaws in those characters where the backstory of each character is still vague. You can read the manga which is beyond far away.

With those flaws I don’t really care, this is a shounen anime. You just need to enjoy it. There are many great fights you can get here with all the almost-overpowered characters. But, you still care about those characters. It has great humor, simple plot but really enjoyable, and great characters. So, I’ll not say it because this anime doesn’t make you regret it. Unless you don’t really like shounen or anything related.

“The Seven Deadly Sins” is a fantastic action adventure anime. It’s kind of misadventures at the same times but never run off the stories were shown. Great characters although have some flaws, great soundtrack, and great animation. It makes you feel entertained, dramatic, and fierce at certain times. For the first season, I think this is one of the shounen that really goosebumps in a certain scene.

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