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When talking about “Sword Art Online“, I think there are many things we can talk about this anime through the story, the controversy, any good aspects, or criticism. We can see those from anywhere. It is also a great criticism for people who are trying to review or analyzing it even just watching it for casual viewers. It gives a lot of feedback about their reviews.

“Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale” is so different from the two previous series. Yes, I freaking said that. In fact, I admit the movie is better than the series. Sure, some of the flaws and plot holes in this film didn’t make a strong argument to say as one of the magnum opuses. Kazuto Kirigaya is no longer Gary Stu which we know that, for now. So, let me emphasize this again. Let us forget everything related to “Sword Art Online” and assume that only the movie exists in this world.

When I first heard “Sword Art Online” get a chance on a big screen, it just freaking me out that this is going to be insane. Although like that, there are not many towns, in my country, showed it in the theaters. The story set after four years in the Sword Art Online incident. A revolutionary technology called Augma became one of the mainstream cultures in 2026. This technology allowed the players to used anywhere. Kirito not too interested in it because this tech used physically to allow you to walk outside.

While a game called Ordinal Scale one of the most widely experienced by gamers, an incident begins to turn out into an endanger for many people. Especially, all former of Sword Art Online users. The story seems to add a mixture of romance, action, tragedy, comedy, and others. It showed in the previous season. Although several years of not hearing about “Sword Art Online”, “Ordinal Scale” driven an insane.

This movie combines all the elements including some references from “Sword Art Online”. This movie makes the main character from zero to the top. But, this is one of the problems because Gary Stu is still Gary Stu. It will never be the same again. The story adds an antagonist who is not too evil and has motivation. I prefer this aspect rather than care more about Kirito or any other characters because everything is still the same.

From this film, I care about what motivation as the antagonist has, while Kirito still is an emotionless thing. Besides, this movie provides various tragedies about the experience of its Sword Art Online former characters. This movie has a quite interesting aspect about sadness and memory. So, it’s sort of a memory erased from the character’s mind so that there is a quite emotional feeling. Though, it’s not too much into it. There is a few fan service that is not annoying like the previous two series. “Ordinal Scale” might be a series if the two series never exist and of course, just thrown away all useless characters.

While A-1 Pictures strikes again in this anime, the art is great at certain parts. Some of the choreography feels weak but it’s just mindblowing when the character designs are so detailed. A high improvement concerns in every detail, even the fanservice for Asuna became a hot discussion by all the weeb at the time. The animation looks more lively compared to the previous two series because this is also a movie. The visual effect on the sword, the background detail, the CGI, but not too good when talking about CGI. I also just noticed for the first time when watching this movie for the second time if there were several cameos being in this film. You could also find it anywhere and where is it.

Although this movie uses the same soundtrack from the previous “Sword Art Online” series, it has a piece of great music. While Yuki Kajiura still holds in at the music part, it’s just great in some moods even improved in such a way. The sound effect also seems so detailed in certain parts. The idol songs, which I’m not too focused on in this subplot, are also catchy for some reason. “Catch the Moment” by LiSA is just damn great to be heard at any time and anywhere.

Although there isn’t much discussed to the characters, there isn’t much that needs to be considered in every detail. If you watch the previous series, all the characters look the same. There is Kirito as Gary Stu, Asuna as Mary Sue, all heroines it didn’t be long enough to the story. Some sidekick characters, all of them. But the most that I care in this movie is the antagonist. Even though there is the main antagonist is cliche, this is the first time I saw Kirito at the corner by Eiji.

Eiji previously referenced in “Sword Art Online” which the movie talked a little about the original. He had a motivation of why he belongs to the Ordinal Scale and had clear reasons why he was there. There is Yuna as the plot device and the main purpose for Eiji himself who’ll be in the finale between Kirito and Eiji. Yeah, I know why people at the stadium are stupid why don’t they choose to release their Augma. Yui is still as a deus ex machina that deflects the story both sides. However, it still gives good points in this film.

Of course, I really enjoyed two hours of magnificent about the animation and the story was quite emotional. I just want to say, honestly, that this movie is better than the previous two series. Should I just say, better than anything related to “Sword Art Online”? This is one of the movies that shows something which isn’t too necessary to be distinguished from the previous two series. It needs watching the two series before watching this movie. “Ordinal Scale” is a connection for the third season which people care deeply about the series. Though, they are just waiting for it to criticize and being sarcastically.

“Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale” is not one of the masterpieces, doesn’t mean I also exaggerated it. I didn’t take a deep passageway to this anime. However, I assume this is nothing more than “Sword Art Online” we can be said to be as “good” as all aspects. There are so many plot holes and ridiculous things about this movie including the weak choreography with its CGI. It’s not one of the best movie anime. But, it can be one of the unforgettable experiences of watching in theaters. I also didn’t know how to react to this. Did I say that? I’m dead inside now.

4 out of 5 stars.

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