Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) – Welcome to the Party

Sex, murder, mystery, welcome to the party. This Shane Black’s directional debut is masquerading in a realm. This 2005 movie starred Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer is classified as a slightly tickling one. A comedy of these three elements: sex, murder, and mystery. However, Black uses fast pacing for this dark comedy.

The story begins with an amateur thief named Harry Lockhart. The police saw him stealing in a toy store, running away, and accidentally entered an audition for detective actors. Silly, the audition became successfully, perfectly, and immediately accepted. Therefore, he was accepted as a detective character for the film later. Then, he flew to Los Angeles. There, he met Gay Perry, the first openly gay fictional character ever. Even though he’s gay, he’s actually normal. The meeting made Harry learn from Perry to become a detective.

A lesson to be a detective begins. Perry gets a call from his client to spy on someone’s house. Walk-in silent, Harry and Perry witnessed the murder of a woman in the house. They also involved in a murder they never expected. Funny thing is, the murder victim is the younger brother of Harry’s childhood friend, Harmony Faith Lane (Michelle Monaghan). The three of them accidentally involved in a ridiculous murder situation.

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” has a really fast groove like watching Guy Ritchie’s “Snatch”. The difference, this film has minus its complexity and depth of character. The main key to this film is the three main characters. Two of them were not genuine detectives who acted as detectives. An idiot gay detective who does not look like a detective in general. In addition, Harry Lockhart lost his finger twice. There was a fingerprint on it. Then, Harry broke the 4th wall. Instead of retreating time, let’s call the non-sense and just show the action.

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” has a new comedy in it where critics say is as a smart movie. Now, we get “Deadpool” which does the same way. Shane Black prefers to do what he wants. Instead of showing the connection to the audience, it’s just for entertainment. There is no explanation or the development of the story. But instead, Harry Lockhart uses a lot of overrated cliches.

Downey as Harry is just very, very silly and funny. He acts as an innocent man from an amateur burglar to be a funny detective. Kilmer as Perry became the sanest and most serious figure. But, as with Harry, he is shown to be very ridiculous even though he is gay but he is a normal person. The story offers a ridiculous concept where there are no complicated elements in it. As a narrator, Harry succeeds in bringing the story with its funny tone and full of sarcasm.

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” is a party fast-paced movie, full of entertainment, and a dark comedy about sex, murder, and mystery. This film can’t be missed even this is very watchable to watch many times. A new invention on a comedy makes this film different from the others. Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer have great chemistry. There is a sense of noir at first glance and I love footage at the end of the movie. Just make a party at your house, invite as many of your friends as possible, and watch this film together. Welcome to the party!

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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