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“Edgy”, according to the dictionary, is an adjective of tense, nervous, or irritable. According to Urban Dictionary, “edgy” can be interpreted such as (1) something or someone trying too hard to be cool; (2) taking extreme coolness and generally beyond the realm of actual possibility; and (3) trying to be cool and ahead of the norm. This term is often misused and often criticized by some people, especially on the internet. It’s a level of edgy being dark, realism, or not, but not come like it.

And the most embarrassing thing is that I often see people like this on the internet. They act “edgy” as much as possible, look for social media dramas, laugh with racist humor, and are inspired to become psychopaths. But, yeah, people like that exist because if you act like that in the public, I think he should go to see the doctor. “Magical Girl Site” is more accurate as it turns your brain off. Well, it’s another “Mahou Shoujo” show where it was all inspired by “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”. But, “Madoka Magica” is not acting like “edgy” kids who like “dark” anime I think. But, you have to know what this “Magical Girl Site” is. I mean, “Magical Girl Site”.

One thing to keep in mind here is that this anime once got a controversy in Japan. I mean, they don’t know what “edgy” is. It’s the same with this anime. There are so many female characters in this anime. Just like other typical mainstream traits. But, they got hurt, tortured, depressed, and made into toys. Well, “Magical Girl Site” is not too far from here. This anime didn’t build it seriously while the first episode was got to be.

Welcome, Aya Sagiri, our main character. She is just another typical representative of our life. Because of her life full of oppression, she tried to throw herself into a train that came. But, she can’t as it was if she dies, then everything will be finished. She walked every day to school and went home without any happiness gaze. Her heart is empty and filled with depression. Her friends bullied her and her only friend is a cat. The next day, the cat no longer exists. In the first episode, we are welcome all of our disgusting things but people really “love” that. There are suicide, bullying, rape, animal killing, violence, social abuse, and so many things.

She lives through an ordinary day as usual while watching everything we think badly. She doesn’t have friends, doesn’t have a future, her parents don’t care anymore, and her brother makes her as a punching bag. There you have it, your underpraised show. But, what I love about her character is that the show doesn’t give her serious hope. Maybe, that applies in the last episode. But, Aya Asagiri is the worst thing in this world. I mean, there is no overestimation here. It’s just saying that she is the one who describes it in real and clear terms. I’m not an emo guy or whatever.

To say “Magical Girl Site” as an average show, I’ll say yes because it’s pretty decent. There is no good, no bad as well. This is a simple story and a representation of Aya Asagiri as a scapegoat. But, after she was finding out a website called, you guessed it, Magical Girl Site, all girls got magical items. They have their uniqueness like Aya who can teleport her opponent to where she wants. The bottom line, it’s like a simple story with not many things in it. There is an action in it and the plot is quite messy. It’s one of those anime where I don’t give anything with. I watch it with no high expectations, personally, because I don’t have anything to do.

Simple, Aya Asagiri does not have any personality. She is always encouraged by other characters such as her first meeting with Tsuyuno. I hope, this will be something of a battle between magical gears with one another. But, the show’s frick around. I don’t like the ending where it turns out to be a yuri romance, more precisely, between Aya and Tsuyuno. Other characters as well don’t give a frick with that. Suddenly, this anime turned into a friendship where I expected something more “edgy” again. But, it’s just another slap to me.

One uniqueness that made me most focus on his character, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Kaname Asagiri. He is, for real, the scumbag guy with a unique backlash and role. Nobuhiko’s performance at this point is so great. His character as a scumbag pissed me off in a few. His personality is real. There was a bastard smile that appeared to the author when trying to write this character. And the defenders succeeded. Yuko Ono as Aya Asagiri did a solid job. Yuu Serizawa as Nijimin is quite good regardless of the same type as other characters from other anime. Himika Akaneya is pretty good as well.

The opening theme song is just standard rock music with a little edgy element. It’s self-explanatory and doesn’t look excessive. Same with the ending. The ending is just weird for me when you see two girls doing a live-action dance on a school rooftop. I just… I don’t know. The animation is pretty decent and self-explanatory as well. Not too amazing. It’s just good. “Magical Girl Site” is another average don’t-judge-book-by-its-cover show about a magical girl. It’s a pretty decent anime where you can watch it while drunk. I’m out.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

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