Breaking Bad: Season Three (2010) – The Experiment Is Out of Control

Heats up and heats up, Walter White’s life is now in disarray. He had to part with Skyler, plan a divorce, and get his job. However, Walter vented his anger, again, to Jesse. He also refused a million dollars to make meth for Gustavo Fring. However, Gus did not remain silent. He realized that Walter is a gem. Walter is a great potential gem. Therefore, he kept chasing him. Meanwhile, Jesse tried to make and sell his homemade meth. And you guessed it, he and Walt were almost caught by Hank because of Jesse’s carelessness. Saul Goodman is now participating in the game from Walt’s shoulder.

After Tuco’s death, Tuco’s cousins are chasing Walt. This also caused Hank to take part in fighting them and his war against the cartel. The man behind it was Gus Fring, brilliantly made cartels and police fight directly. Here, Hank had an accident and Skyler took part in the money laundering process to help Walt. Walt now re-recruits Jesse but his own stupidity raises new problems. Jesse had to deal with Gus’s subordinates who were also behind Combo‚Äôs murder.

I mean, it’s just spectacular, amazing, brilliant, genius, whatever. This third season began to highlight Walter White’s other side as Heisenberg. In this third season too, the show focuses on Walter’s family and Jesse’s impulsiveness. It’s like a continuous connection over and over again. They fight, peace, fight, and peace. Take it easy, “Breaking Bad” is still a well-written solid drama series. Everything feels fit and neat. One scene to the other becomes solid. All of them are dense and important stories.

This third season left an important mark, especially Walter White’s own character. His hypocrisy began to appear, his wife knew that he was a cooker, and a hard hit from Walt. From the start, I knew that he would change. He was consumed by his own alter ego which always spoke of him not being a murderer. Very rational indeed. Walter also learned from Gus Fring. Often, passivity seems. He learned how to control the market, control people, and learn to be more aggressive. Now, Walt starts playing chess. He is not a pawn anymore.

After his rehabilitation period, Jesse again was a fool. I think Jane’s death in the second season did not really affect his character. The impression is just a glance and as if acting like a heroic. This third season seems to lose the potential for certain characters. Skyler seemed very forced. I know humans are complex. But, it seems, Skyler here is really a bastard. He smoked, took his children, wanted to ask for a divorce, and slept with his boss. When she found a mistake with Walt, I thought it was accidental and quite ridiculous.

The very unique thing from this third season is in one of the most controversial episodes of “Fly”. I know what people say. This episode is filled with more than 40 minutes in a meth lab. This episode also feels like a fanservice. However, the last 20 minutes of the episode strengthened the chemistry between Walt and Jesse. Walt began to open himself to Jesse. He said if he had become a criminal or was still a human being. He also said that Jane’s death really hit him. But, this episode takes a lot of influences from its slapstick to the style of Sergio Leone but it’s a fly.

The third season is very incredible and offers many places to introduce “Breaking Bad”. There is Gus Fring with his chess game against Walter White and a stunning, still, cinematography. The third season is a turning point in the battle of psychology between Walt and Heisenberg. Thousands of matters grew, a new trigger, as well as problems, began to emerge. After a betting game at the end of the episode for who can get rid of Gale, season four will be filled with psychology games.

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