Mr. Robot: Season One (2015) – F**k the System

“Mr. Robot” is a cyber-crime psychological drama TV series. A perfect combination for a TV series. It has a unique storyline, characters, and cinematography. This series makes a stand out from all other TV series. Of many stories about hackers, this one that can really describe programmers and computers in realistically. The main character, Elliot Alderson, immediately fell in love with his character thanks to the twist offered. Without leaving theories about today’s technology, it also doesn’t overestimate it futuristically. However, this TV series uses simple technology where we use it everyday.

It tells the story of Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), a young man living in New York. He works as a security engineer in a company called Allsafe. In the night, he is a hacker. Elliot also experiences a social anxiety disorder, paranoid, and depression. It’s very difficult for him to communicate with other people. Elliot felt he could communicate with other people except through his computer. His life is full of loneliness.

Without realizing it, he met Mr. Robot (Christian Slater). He is a hacktivist who recruited Elliot to join the F-Society. It’s an underground group of hackers who have a mission. Their mission erases all debt data of all people in digital form. They are trying to prevent the destruction of the currency and the global economy. But, it’s not that easy. They have to deal with a giant company called Evil Corp. A company that is Allsafe’s biggest client.

He is not alone. Besides Mr. Robot, he was also assisted by Darlene (Carly Chaikin), Romero (Ron Cephas Jones), Mobley (Azhar Khan), and Trenton (Sunita Mani). They gather together to bring down Evil Corp held by Terry Colby (Bruce Altman). Elliot doesn’t just deal with one and other companies. He also has dynamics between Angela Moss (Portia Doubleday), Elliot’s childhood friend. Angela always tries to keep Elliot out of trouble. However, Elliot had to deal with his mental problems which were getting worse.

Hacking is not a simple thing. Not everyone can do that even for an “expert” hacker. Therefore, “Mr. Robot” has its main attraction for the audience. Sam Esmail has a lot of influence on his TV series. Major influences include “American Psycho“, “Taxi Driver“, “A Clockwork Orange”, and “The Matrix”. Elliot’s character is inspired by “Fight Club” while the music is inspired by “Risky Business”. He was also inspired by “Blade Runner” for the character development and “Breaking Bad” for the story arc. For Esmail, including for myself, this show is a hell of a drug. It would take to many times to binge-watching if you could. In fact, this is not like other hacker stories.

This first season follows Elliot’s story became the main key of the F-Society. This key is useful for destroying Evil Corp itself. In addition, this season focused more about who Mr. Robot is. This TV series is like watching a theatrical movie. Elliot’s narration is so unique. We, as spectators, are the third character. As we act as his imaginary friends, it sometimes becomes a question back to us.

Besides Elliot, almost all the characters in this TV series are complex and mysterious. There are lots of secrets it still not been revealed in this first season. Rami Malek’s performance in this show is very extraordinary. He is mysterious but complex. We are as if inside the main character’s head. Just as he thinks of us as his imaginary friends, this TV series is like an audiobook. It’s breaking its narrative with breaking-the-4th-wall but it’s full of all kinds of mysteries and curiosity.

Christian Slater’s Mr. Robot also leave an impression. Slater brings a lot of energy just like Malek. He is a type of guy who doesn’t care about anything. He is quite aggressive but a question suddenly appeared. Why does he care so much about Elliot? One answer is not enough but just the finale episode became the main key. The key is that they understand one situation and can read minds.

This first season focuses more on Elliot who joined the F-Society. The plot rotates where the deepening of the characters seems to be lacking. Other characters besides Elliot are not very important. There is Angela with her sub-plot but the remains of the character still leave a lot vaguely. Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström) seems to be the antagonist who doesn’t make much progress. It seems, he comes from any direction without changing anything. I know that Elliot and his friends, in the end, managed to hack Evil Corp. In addition, this season still leaves unanswered questions.

This series has great visuals. Every small frame looks big and vice versa. For Elliot, “we’re all living in each other’s paranoia”. The first season of “Mr. Robots “leave a mysterious impression and a satire of society. It seems like that’s what it means. Rami Malek as Elliot is a twist retrospective character that presents this small world. So is his small character. Sam Esmail pulled us into a series that was so subtle, so terrifying, and so thrilling.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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