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The second film of Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s an improved version of Ang Lee’sHulk” after being said as a failure movie. This movie directed by Louis Leterrier and Edward Norton as Bruce Banner before Mark Ruffalo replaces his role. It’s not one of the most memorable and greatest of all the universe.

Unlike “Iron Man“, “The Incredible Hulk” is fresh than that. Comparing it to Ang Lee’s might would be pretty shallow. This film is one of the most underrated of all. I prefer Edward Norton as the Hulk rather than Mark Ruffalo, no offensive. But now, let’s talk about “The Incredible Hulk”. This is a form of a green monster. He always controls his emotions, considered it as one of the memorable and important films of all.

So, the first opening sequence opened with a background from Dr. Bruce Banner played by Edward Norton. It seems vague but we understood what really happened. Quite reminds me of something, something on the past. It really gave me quick kind of deja vu. Bruce Banner managed to escape from an experiment. He made himself one of the monsters controlled by anger and rage. Banner is now undergoing exile in a remote city in Brazil. He tries finding preventive medicine for himself. Sometimes, the Hulk reminded me of the Godzilla and King Kong. From his tantrums, how he shouted while pounding his chest, and jumped up and down from the building to another. However, he would never be anything if he couldn’t turn into a green monster without clothes, just pants.

In brief, “The Incredible Hulk” provides two plots alternate without any transition. Dr. Bruce Banner’s plot looking for a cure and Emil Blonsky as a soldier under the leadership of General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross. From these two plots, it seems like a cat-and-mouse game. One tries to run away and one wants to define it to be bloodthirsty. There is a sub-plot between Banner and Betty, the son of General Ross. Betty hates the behavior of her father who saw Bruce Banner. This relationship actually a bit important if you mention how the main plot is shown. If there is no Betty, Banner’s figure was nothing. It’s a premise which everything would get better.

“The Incredible Hulk”, for the rest, offers three main action scene in each structure. In the factory in Brazil, in the city of Banner was a doctor and in New York. The director also seems taking the shot at night which might be have something behind it. Norton as Banner indeed is much memorable instead of Mark Ruffalo. He was able to show someone who depressed with the past that haunted him. And, the dark side which always approached him. Eli Roth as the antagonist was also able to give a great performance as a person full of revenge. He wanted his second chance.

The rest of those, I don’t really like how the CGI’s quite ridiculous in some scenes from the helicopter, fighting between the Hulk and the Abomination with cracks full of CGI, but this version is indeed a bit realistic instead of given by Ang Lee. The director always takes part in the shot by running while following the plot itself. See how Banner ran while being chased by S.W.A.T troops – or whatever, Banner always alienates itself, and its characteristics. The movie also uses references from Bill Bixby as Hulk in the 70s and 80s. You can see it when Edward Norton changing the TV channels even if just for an instant. Just like Marvel films in general, it can’t be separated from a cameo of Stan Lee who also participated in this film and it’s very noticeable.

That’s all I can say about Louis Leterrier’s “The Incredible Hulk”. Giving something fresh and two plots collide with each other in order to reach something even wanna be at the top. But, this is just a decent movie with all the action that seems a bit long when you want to achieve it regardless of the short duration. Unlike “Iron Man,” the film has more value in its action sequence while “Iron Man” isn’t much to do but the plus value for the film is more careful with the plot and the development of the main character. Not too memorable, not too interesting, and not too great. “The Incredible Hulk” is like being superfluous in some other aspects which is great if it’s just there.

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