Iron Man (2008) – Has He Lost His Mind?

Before everything connected, this was where it all started. A film with just a few comic book films adapted from the movie in the year. At the time, we grew up such as Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” films or Ang Lee’sHulk“. Tim Burton’s “Batman” and Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy. Certainly, movies like this don’t often bring a separated impression from both superheroes or anything related. It’s about superheroes against villains. Superheroes certainly win and villains can only look down while lying in front of superheroes who stand even higher. So, we are looking for a whole life of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Iron Man. He faces their enemies because everybody loves this kind of movies.

Honestly, it’s really weird that I watched “Iron Man” from the third series. So, I think it’s weird with a story that goes backward. Watching from the third series without enough knowledge from the original version is so difficult. All I know from this “Iron Man” is Robert Downey Jr. who did his special performance in this film. This is about Tony Stark, a billionaire, playboy, the ideal man of all women want. He is so famous and wealthy for taking a business owned by his father. His father created a weapon and missile for military purposes.

Obadiah Stane, who is also his friend and competitor, try to persuade Tony Stark. Thanks to Tony Stark who managed to find a new invention. The results held captive. Hereinafter, a superhero was born with his superpower that was able to fly as fast as supersonic. On the other hand, there was envy from Obadiah Stane who created it too. Tony Stark is in an inner interest to protect the person he loves or serve his country.

It’s open with a sequence that shows a barren environment with AC/DC’s “Back in Black” as the opening soundtrack. The main character, Downey, does seem interesting from how his way of life. He was so prosperous, rich, and nothing was it. Besides, I also like how he improvised the character itself. The movie doesn’t run slow or fast and it’s like a superhero movie in general, it’s the same as well. I didn’t find anything from this movie. Regardless of it told in a unique way, wisecracking humor, and full of tension in each situation. I think I have to think that this is 2008 because it feels like, the plot is quite predictable.

Tony Stark is not one of the characters such as Bruce Wayne or anyone. He is a cool-looking guy who is full of humor, doesn’t regularly do something seriously or sometimes, his true character appears. The interaction at the first act when Tony Stark was held together with Yinsen was great. We see their background extensively, sharing their lives, and family. Yinsen was also one of the important characters in this movie because he was also the one who participated in making the iron man costume.

Pepper Potts as a woman who became an assistant to Tony Stark himself isn’t the most focused, especially their relationship that doesn’t seem serious. It’s pretty forced but not too bothersome. Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane is a douchebag and success to be a villain full of cunning actions and crime. I understand how his struggle with Tony Stark he thought, he felt like he was thrown away by himself.

Terrence Howard as Col. Rhodes moves linearly. I didn’t find out how he became a minor character from just one point of view despite his quite helpful character in “Iron Man 2” which is not the time to going out the track. I still couldn’t find what was filled with Tony Stark’s head. He didn’t wanna consider himself as a superhero except at the end of the movie but he was also like a superhero, prioritizing morals as his main goal, and being able to understand his existence.

Would he close his business of weapons and nuclear or take other paths? They didn’t feel exaggerated when using a visual effect which this is I love it. Not too much but able to spoil us for two hours. The development of the costumes of iron man was interesting from their unintentional innovation and continuously. The used of soundtracks are heavy in metal and rock, especially Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” as the ending credit song is an interesting additional point besides that.

In the end, Robert Downey Jr. revealing who Iron Man really is, then Samuel L. Jackson’s as Nick Fury came to recruit Tony Stark as the first member of the Avengers. The film made 10 years ago reminds me of where I like watching what is on television which I hate to watch because there are too many ads and cut from some explicit scenes which I didn’t find too. Tony Stark is a smart character, quickly to something, but wants to seem like Bruce Wayne. Jon Favreau’s “Iron Man” is a connection to other Marvel films and one of the most overrated, especially in theaters. But, this is a bridge that started everything because, without Iron Man, the Avengers were nothing.

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