K-ON! (Spring 2009) – The New Generation of “Moe”

This is my kind of typical anime I like more instead of other anime I’ve ever watched. Every time, I always look for anime with a typical story like this. It doesn’t really need the main plot. Just a bunch of cute girls doing some cute things. This is my first slice of life anime and was an anime that made me love the genre. I mean, not everyone wants to watch anime with stories like this. There are no male characters at all. It needs a process to get someone into this anime. “K-ON!” is an anime that discusses a group of girls who love music with their daily activities at their music clubs.

If you want to find something confidence from beginning to the end, you’re wrong. I don’t really understand why people didn’t understand about a slice of life thing. It has no plot or plotless. Just like “Lucky☆Star,” everyone assumes the same as these two anime. The story is nothing special, just a bunch of girls who are enjoying their school days by being in the “light music club”. Doing all sorts of ordinary things.

It’s a typical slice of life which mixed with comedy as well as something related to “moe”. This is a big step considering that many people didn’t like the manga. KyoAni adapted the manga and made the anime version better. It’s about music if you just want to read the manga which I think manga with music genre is so weird because you can’t hear “the music”. For me, this is the show that always makes me laugh every second. I mean, every minute of the episode.

The art is cute and has its own characteristic of KyoAni. This studio always shows a heroine character contains their actuating. The moe’s part it’s memorable from every depiction of the character and the background. Supported with all aspects from all of the famous seiyuu as well, I think the artwork is more like to be some sweetheart. You want to hug all of them and forget anything about life.

All soundtracks are so catchy to hear. I think almost all the songs that I listen on my phone, especially with the opening and ending song. Sakurakou Keion-bu, whose members are Aki Toyosaki, Yoko Hikasa, Satomi Satou, and Minako Kotobuki all participate in their cute voice. However, I like the opening but not so memorable than the ending. I don’t have anything about Aki Toyosaki and Yui Hirasawa for being detached. I also like her personality and character. For the ending song, this is the best I love Yoko Hikasa who’s more seen as the lead singer than Aki. Both have their own uniqueness of their voices. There must be one that some make us annoying. It’s enjoyable because it’s more instruments to light rock and make it all different from the others. Ayana Taketatsu, Minako Kotobuki, and Satomi Sato are also great at filling their characters.

Apart from the five main characters and heroines, the characters have different characteristics and have their own uniqueness. For the whole story, we focus more on Yui Hirasawa, a lazy and always carefree. Her behavior is often doing weird things make herself have her own cute side. Mio Akiyama, the opposite character of Yui, is shy and easily scared. But, she is just like any other character that makes her have an attractive side. Ritsu Tainaka, energetic and always prank her childhood friend, Mio. Tsugumi Kotobuki, her seemingly ordinary yet innocent in every way because of her luxurious life. Her character doesn’t really reflect rich people in general. Although like that, she also has the other side of uniqueness. Azusa Nakano, her serious characteristics but easily distracted by everything including from Yui who always approached her.

It’s really hard to get into this anime because this is suggested by one of my friends who has been watching anime like this for a long time. However, the comedy itself never made me dropped so I always feel it at every episode. It’s pretty good for some people because they are definitely still hard to accept anime like this. Considering all the characters in here are just women without any men. At last, men only become cameo for every tiny role. There are a separate process and willingness to be able to watch cute girls doing cute things anime besides “K-ON!”. But, this is the right step if you want to know anything about typical anime like this.

“K-ON!” is an anime with their cute characters does cute stuff. This anime doesn’t really need the core of the story, there is no seriousness to be able to enjoy it because you can turn off your brain and stop enjoying some anime with a complex story that you always into it. With waifuable characters, I think I’m also not surprised at the community and the internet love this. It’s a lot of fun since you just wanna enjoy some plotless thing like this but it’s worth it.

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