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An unforgettable show by Reki Kawahara, “Accel World”. If you don’t know who he is, maybe “Sword Art Online” would help you. Or if you don’t know what is that, then maybe you live behind a rock. It’s a demographic show produced by Sunrise. Such a wild world and the relationship between fiction and reality. More futuristic technology. There was no longer a computer. People prefer to live in such a fictional world. Beyond the boundary, a fighting game science-fiction involving all players in the royal battle survival game. The sense of geeky and nerdy united into an accelerated world. There was nothing more to fear and the time of the real world even feel fast.

2046, Neuro-synchronization is an advanced technology useful for manipulating the subconscious of our brain into a deeper level. There was no such thing as imagination because its world of imagination was the user. Meet Haruyuki Arita, a low social class because of his physical appearance and worldview, its scope is so different. That sounds quirky, right? He spends a lot of his time playing lots of virtual games. He uses that technology to escape into reality. One day, he met Kuroyukihime. This angel of a butterfly ties a bond to Haruyuki. Together, they become partners, friends, and couples. What a neat.

Some say this is an off-inspired of “Summer Wars”. But, a lot of people say this is “Sword Art Online” but with a pig-MC guy yet not too Gary Stu. In fact, a small easter egg, if you read light novels and manga too, share one universe with each other. Such as the Nervegear and NeuroLink. But, nobody knows except Reki Kawahara. “Accel World” and “Sword Art Online” are two shows that connect fiction and reality. Unfortunately, “Accel World” is an unforgettable piece by the fans.

Unlike Kirigaya Kazuto from “Sword Art Online”, Haruyuki Arita is a kid with a lowkey fat guy. Initially, he was someone who was nothing. The more the story progresses, his character is growing and getting better. If there was no Kuroyukihime, Haruyuki would never walk forward. She is representing the main heroine and of course, a goddess of beauty who wants to find her prince. And of course, the prince referred to Haruyuki and this is the reason why many people dropped this anime just because of this. But the more we know, Kuroyukihime became the support of the main plot. Besides them, there is Chiyuri Kurashima, an innocent sweet girl childhood friend of Haruyuki. In addition, there is Takumu Mayuzuki. Chiyuri and Takumu represent the whole things to Haruyuki Arita and become the respective characters of each role. Especially in encouraging Haruyuki’s role itself.

Well, the fact that this is an action and shounen anime, it’s quite predictable if you think. Most of the actions are awesome and personally, it’s actually really good than “Sword Art Online”. “Accel World” is also fast-paced even for action. While most of it focuses on Haruyuki, supporting characters act as a large part as well. They have their own plots. Like for example Kuroyukihime who has the motive to find out the ins and outs of the accredited world. On the onset, her background and backstory created “Accel World” with a universe that was so wide but narrow. There is Taku with its own perspective where at first, he seems like an antagonist.

The story doesn’t focus more on Haruyuki and I find the right matter to describe it. Kuroyukihime hasn’t even reached for what she wants to achieve. This then made this series quickly forgotten. One reason for its marketing possibility is that there is no second season. All we get is a movie with a 40-minute flashback and a 40-minute main story. End of story.

The visual is just an average theme and style to say at least this is a video game genre. “Sword Art Online” seems more suitable for describing fantasy worlds and RPG games. Meanwhile, “Accel World” doesn’t seem suitable but it’s so well-presented like a fantasy-theme. On the other hand, its reality background is just another typical high-school anime genre if you get rid out of the science-fiction element. The soundtrack is a great techno-style from Yota Tsuruoka. An excellent soundtrack where he managed to compose it perfectly. I like the opening theme songs both “Chase the world” and “Burts The Gravity”. As well as the ending theme songs both “→unfinished→” and “Unite”. Bottom line, they follow a similar formula in a fast-paced and techno-like soundtrack.

“Accel World” is a weird accelerated world of experience. It’s a great anime video game with huge potential. The virtual world built impressed like original when this anime first aired. The characters development as well-developed. The soundtrack and artwork work very well. But, this show is the most unforgivable anime because it’s covered with “Sword Art Online” franchise. It’s quite predictable for most of the time but it always drags you episodes by episodes. A world of acceleration with fast nature but conclusions are still vague.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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