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Saoirse Ronan as Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson or a Sacramento kid. She so well-cared for by her parents but not as good as it seems. Her overprotective mother made Lady Bird stuck in a cage. Therefore, he wanted to quickly graduate in her school and to leave out of the cage. Studying at Catholic High School, she wants to be far, far away. Want to live independently, it turns out her mother is not that bad. As the relationship between child and mother should be, there are two perspectives. We see this circumstance as Lady Bird herself and her mother who doesn’t want her “bird” to look for another teak. I think, this is so simple. However, Greta Gerwig seems to have written a love letter of Sacramento, California.

We fight against our parents and don’t believe about God. A sneer for Christine’s illustration as a religious kid turns into ‘nothing’. So, she put up a fight so she could find out what she really wants to achieve. She doesn’t want to call her as her real name. Y’all have to call him “Lady Bird”. It has quoted and given by herself. Imagery, “Lady Bird” is like a movie about the journey of a teenager who has just hatched from her egg. But after hatching and wanting to go do anything, she still needs the person she loves most. The answer is her mother and even her father. That’s what I thought about the points from this 5 Oscar nominations movie.

At first, “Lady Bird” seems to be a teen or coming-of-age movie with ordinary romance stories. However, it’s actually not true. A powerful relationship and was seen in the majority lies with Laurie Metcalf as Marion McPherson and Lady Bird herself. Their relationship is the opposite of being passive and active or maybe aggressive more precisely. The uniqueness of this film is so fascinating. The opening scene starts with a weird act and it’s just, “what just happened”. The scene goes when Lady Bird and her mother were listening to an audiobook of “The Grapes of Wrath”. They smile, laugh, and wipe away their tears. But then, they argue. Because Lady Bird didn’t accept that her education had to be arranged by her mother, Lady Bird then jumped. I mean, jumping down from the car.

On the other hand, they actually don’t hate each other completely. It’s just that they are hard to express it. They love each other but their ways were so different. Sometimes, Marion must treat such a female bird. However, they sometimes insinuate each other. And in the end, they fight and argue. Let’s be honest, it’s very relatable whether we all have relationships with our own father, brother, or sister. Such stories are so personal for Greta Gerwig. “Lady Bird” is her solo debut as a director where critics have always considered this movie as semi-autobiographical. But, Gerwig herself said that this film actually didn’t happen in her life. However, this film has a core of truth that resonates with people.

Just like all opinions from other people after watching this film, so am I. The emotions in “Lady Bird” seem to be logically, humanely and a reflection of our real lives. Including our relationship with our own parents, it’s like not being taken in imagery but so real with very much naturalness. All of the dialogue seems as improvisation. It seems like they talk, interact, even argue with their own sentences. All the actors are brilliant gorgeous. Besides Gerwig who wrote the script herself, it’s probably one of the drifting-away movies.

“Lady Bird” has colorful characters. In addition to background, design, and architecture that is so colorful, the characters are also unique. There was Lucas Hedges as Danny O’Neill, Timothée Chalamet as Kyle Scheible, Beanie Feldstein as Julie Steffans, and other actors. Feldstein is one of the greatest supporting characters in this movie. She cast Lady Bird’s “Best Friend” who always stalks her own math teacher. Besides having its own sub-plot, she is honestly the best compared to the others. But, maybe no one can beat Saoirse Ronan as Lady Bird. With her messy red dye hair, she is like an emo girl but a more-religious kid. She was so naive especially to her mother, sharply, impulsive, and quite a critical. However, it’s like an empty barrel but it loudly a noise. On the other hand, this is a story about her for almost.

Love and hate, which is actually learned from our main character. Lady Bird doesn’t want her friends to know that she’s still a crybaby child. She learned to get rid of her virginity, learn to smoke, go to prom, date, and things that teenagers used to do. The nature of each scene was also not shown clichéically. That was what Gerwig herself showed. It has great cinematography but not too boring because of its structure. Apparently, Gerwig prefers a scene that starts right away. There is no ado or a character that tells the situation, it has a punch and a dramatic peak. That is what makes us so interested and continues to be curious that the audience will not come out.

To be honest, this film is so overrated. For the Academy Awards themselves, this film doesn’t even get one award. But, I honestly like this film, especially trying to get out of the cliche. In short, it’s a relatable movie. As a teenager, you may have experienced everything in this film. Even though it’s not all right, the context is exactly the same. “Lady Bird” is a genuine and a film that feels so personal but natural. Some of the actings were so real it even looks like improvisation. It’s such a raw movie but not as perfect. But, let’s be real for this time.

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