Premium Rush (2012) – Enter the Time Trial Mode

The story behind the make for this movie has a lot of effort. They sacrifice themselves so we can enjoy this movie. Cycling in the city of Manhattan without disturbing the people is quite hard. Some of them usually annoyed because of them. Joseph Gordon-Levitt even crashed into a cab and smashed into a rear windshield. There’s a lot of blood coming out of his hand. But, he’s still cool. Besides Gordon-Levitt, the producers and directors were attacked by pedestrians because they thought it was annoying. But, is their effort guaranteed after that?

This is a non-linear story. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Wilee is the center of the movie. He is a bicycle courier in Manhattan. There is a much-needed bicycle courier service. They deliver packages as soon as possible. Just like this movie, you have to focus on the speed of pedaling their bicycle. Anyway, Wilee was one of the best couriers in the city. His expertise in cycling sometimes makes him the craziest. However, we know how difficult it is to operate fixed-gear bicycle. I’ve tried it before. Wilee is not like other couriers. He chose a bicycle with one gear without any brakes.

That incredible speed is as sharp as a bike which you never thought. Maybe, not like that. Passing through the pedestrian, congestion in the city of Manhattan, and crashing the bike in the first scene. As I say, this is a non-linear film. Wilee received a mysterious package from Jamie Chung as Nima. However, the package will never arrive safely. As long as there is Michael Shannon as Bobby Monday, Wilee cannot survive. With narrative that raises many questions, this insane break-foot chase movie further enhances your adrenaline as an audience.

Obviously, this is a thriller. The premise is so clear even brings interconnected character into a story. Unlike most thrillers or the majority, “Premium Rush” focuses on adrenaline and intense. This film takes you clearly to the lives of bicycle couriers who often paddle in cities. They drove quickly delivering a package. A bicycle stunt where I can only see it in video games, this is really the sh*t.

David Koepp tries to regulate the tension in every scene. He also didn’t forget to adjust the audience’s tension. In addition to thriller, this film sometimes interspersed with funny scenes. In fact, seeing Michael Shannon with his crazy expression made me laugh. The use of CGI isn’t too much for a film with hard difficulty. Therefore, I have the right to say that the cinematography is really a thumbs up. While most of them used a shaky cam, Koepp prioritizes the use of steady cam that is so epic. It’s like we see it from a third point of view. As well as it’s like playing video games.

Unlike other non-linear stories, you don’t need to think deeply. It’s not “Memento” or “Pulp Fiction,” the movie has a clear plot and clear answer to do with. There will be a transition between flashback and the present, you don’t need to take it seriously. On the other hand, I like the way of editing. Love the scene when Wilee chose three paths he had to walk to get through various obstacles. In such chaos, the actors gave their best performance. Gordon-Levitt is great as the main character. There are Dania Ramirez, Wolé Parks, Michael Shannon, and Jamie Chung. This is action over a barrier.

“Premium Rush” is a great action-thriller movie. Unlike other films, it’s unforgettable. David Koepp’s directing is so fantastic, this is the freshest film in the year. Thank you for the theme its delivered, even though it wasn’t impressive. But, it’s still. It’s like watching a movie with a high-speed. It’s cool, fun, and certainly entertaining. A great effort, spellbinding adventure, full of imagination, the adrenaline that you keep pump, and a light spectacle. Fixed-gear bicycle? Without any brake? Why not?

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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