The Tatami Galaxy (Spring 2010) – A NeverEnding Story

“The Tatami Galaxy” is a mystery, psychological anime with a bit of romance in it. Directed by Masaaki Yuasa, he also directed “Ping Pong The Animation,” the only phenomenal one. So, no wonder if these two anime actually have the same uniqueness in it, especially in the artwork. It may also not fit what I expected. But, “The Galaxy Tatami” is mindblowing anime with an unexpected plot twist at the end of the episode.

The Tatami Galaxy can be interpreter like we always facing some two or more choices in life every day. Every time whether you will accept or reject them. If you accept, it may end up towards a happy ending. But, it only temporarily whereas if you refused, it will lead to the opposite. However, there are many ways to interpret how this anime work

So, I want to summary this. This show tells about a single person who wants to live his college life with a beautiful and colorful story. It’s not in accordance with his expectations. There was one chance to repeat his life. Each episode is actually mindblowing. Initially, it’s like an ordinary anime that tells about a college period that someone ends in regret. We will only always seen a repeated scene over and over again. Those scenes such as a castella cake, a ramen stall, a grandmother fortune-teller, an organization, and etc. So, it’s like typical time travels anime in general.

However, the main character will experience something he never thought about and his memory will always is gone. You always annoyed with the choices that he always took it. The narrator or Watashi is the main character who is always unlucky in his life. He always annoyed with the people he meets except for Akashi. He also very annoyed with Ozu. Although the reason Ozu wants to be friends with Watashi just because he wants to take advantage of him. In the end, is not like that.

Watashi stuck in an endless cycle of limbo. He thinks of something or deja vu he ever experienced. At the same time, he realized that the way he took not in vain. It rather reminiscent although for Watashi, he also feel a bit bitter when he remembered again. Ozu may be classified as the most annoying character ever together with Seitarou Higuchi. With his creepy looks, his very cunning nature, and always dropping the pleasures of others. However, Ozu personality’s always changing in every episode. He’s always tricking people, cheating, dropping others, and ultimately that’s not the main point. Akashi is not too flashy with her cool character. This character is the main point why the narrator always repeats the time.

Although it just 11 episodes, the storytelling is brilliant and amazing to watch. The repeated scene that we always saw in every episode is always irregular. But, it combined until we think it turns out like this, like that, and so on. One of the things that interested me about this anime is the narrator. He confronted in three main heroines that he has to choose one. If he chooses this heroine, it will end like this and so on. The stories will always be repetitive but with unequal choices. The real main point that could end this endless story is the character of a fortune-teller grandmother. She always says about the opportunity that always hangs in front of him. The only problem, Watashi always never realized it but once he realized it he always delayed to reach that choice.

In fact, this can also be a satire in our life. We, as human beings, always procrastinate about what we must do. I also did like that because humanity is the same. With the things that continue you do, it will always be a weakness. It ends up in the abyss of repentance. In addition, the anime is a bit insinuating about a stereotypical person’s life. Watashi also belongs into that category where he’s not aware the existence of other peoples around him. He always not feels grateful for his life. In the end, he was on the edge of despair.

Madhouse is the studio that works on this anime. The artwork is very different from anime they worked on. Perhaps its artwork is deliberately absurd to bring more sensation of its mystery element with psychological. It makes us be more mindblowing again. So, this anime is actually not recommended for you who just want to judge the artwork. Rather than other things besides that. The opening and the ending is the best song I’ve ever heard. Asian Kung-Fu Generation brings the opening song entitled “Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat” and Juuji Ishiwatari, Yoshinori Sunahara, and Etsuko Yakushimaru are those who sing and composer the ending song entitled “Kamisama no Iutoori.”

But, there is one thing that makes me wonder with this anime that is a seiyuu who fills the voice of the narrator character, Shintaro Asanuma. He can be considered so unique in carrying the voice of the main character. In this anime, it’s like he is the Eminem version of anime or any rapper who talks very fast. So, don’t be surprised if you can’t keep up with the subtitles that appear too fast.

“The Tatami Galaxy” is a psychological anime that can be watched by all people. Moreover, the anime brings a lot of literary references therein. This show is arguably a bit insinuating to our lives as well as a story that’s stuck on endless and never-ending. In life, we don’t really think that the choice we choose, we feel regret about this. Live it according to each conscience because we don’t know what waiting in front of us. With a somewhat absurd artwork, “The Tatami Galaxy” brings its impression even more advanced than the other anime.

5 out of 5 stars.

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