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Let the children enjoy their experiences as children forming a group. Let adults for being busy without all the fun that has passed. Setting up a secret base, doing some challenges, going around the city, and using imagination. Adults cannot understand. It just sad when millennial kids, some of it, never do things like this again. It’s just an irony when they see it. Kids who prefer watching adult movies and adults who prefer watching cartoons.

Well, “Mitsuboshi Colors” isn’t a perfect anime from all aspects. This is just a decent show with your typical cute girls doing cute things stuff or anything. It just an average show for you when you don’t wanna watch anime with heavy themes. Just watch it because there are many other reasons, right? I don’t know but this show is just full of imagination and adventure.

This is just one of those shows, the show that you don’t need a deep analysis to understand this anime. Or else? There isn’t much I can explain in this anime. This is just about being in childhood. A phase where children are so active when doing kind of activities. Doing nothing is their enemy and therefore, these children have a mission to protect their hometown whatever the cost. Cute anime doing cute things type of anime “usually” always used a young cute pretty mature characters. “Mitsuboshi Colors” is one of the anime that used children as their bases who still enjoying being a kid.

So, this is more like kids doing kids things instead of cute girls. However, I’ll not drop the “cute” word itself. This show is just a charming way to get rid of it. Various kinds of things done by them: Yui, Sacchan, and Kotoha. It’s really interesting to be able to watch it. There are not many supporting characters who also fill various acts of humor from these children. Sometimes, they all act or at least participate in the game. So, this can still consider as outside the limits. So, don’t worry.

The art and animation are decent. Not too special in this regardless of the art deserves what shown in this anime. It’s bright, clean, colorful, and great choosing colors. They are perfect for cute anime like this. It’s just we want to forget anything. With a variety of cute designs by the three kids, there is nothing to compare. Silver Link works very well with this anime.

The soundtrack, like the animation itself, is decent. Nothing to compare it. It’s just an upbeat style with a pleasant soundtrack. You never regret anything and makes a rainbow in your imagination. The opening and ending theme songs are full of peace and happiness with childish lyrics and things. With various voice actresses that go beyond and support everything, the jokes are always cracked so it’s not wrong if this anime sometimes draws some laugh even though there are some which didn’t work. But, this is just pretty well for this anime.

There are three main cute kids characters in this anime: Yui, Sacchan, and Kotoha. Yui is the leader of her two friends. Her characteristics sometimes being innocent about the things said by Sacchan who always spit out some jokes that always making a sense of wonder to Yui. Sometimes, you want to protect it because of her innocence which makes it whiny and careless about everything. Sacchan always brings on her funny jokes because she always makes some poop jokes without any reason. She is the character who continually creates her own jokes and always provides some puns such as running gags. So, this is more like manzai where the straight man and the funny man do a joke in a pretty fast move. The rest of it, she has the same interesting impression as Yui.

Kotoha is just a sadistic video games addict who doesn’t know to play video games. Her impression is always closed but not always imitated because of her habit that pretending play video games which is not the case. She also has a distinct impression from her own character even though not much she participates in a joke. The supporting characters are just well come from nowhere where they helped and participated in the activity of these trios. Saito who’s always pissed off because of the trio but always give them some fun, Daigorou who always gives them a challenge for their adventure, Nonoka by filling in the characters and running gags, and other supporting characters. This show is just a childish enjoyable anime which you would overdose because of this anime.

I watched this anime at an improper time where suddenly, there were some of the works which I must be done and always stopped to watch this anime. Even though it was like that, I watched it at the time when my mood began at the calm circumstance and didn’t think too much about other things. So, I stayed focused on this show even though this anime wasn’t a heavy air. It’s a fresh air that seems to be in a peerless beauty environment, a peaceful country where there is no noise sound and everything that makes you annoying. “Mitsuboshi Colors” is one thing to show for kids doing things.

“Mitsuboshi Colors” is an anime with a charming comedy that is easy to keep up. It’s just a decent show about cute girls doing cute things but they are innocent kids who did their adventures to keep the city peaceful. It has a happy soundtrack, happy theme songs, colorful animation, cute characters, charming, and other cute things. It’s worth it and you better check it out if you like the slice of life anime or cute girls doing cute things which always attracts a charming laugh with various funny gags to enjoy.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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