Edge of Tomorrow (2014) – All You Need Is Kill

I do like to say a new concept for Hollywood. Although it’s nothing new, Japanese pop culture began to noticed as mainstream part by them. All of that includes anime, manga, literature, and novels. As well as this movie, “Edge of Tomorrow” is based on a novel and manga “All You Need Is Kill” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. For him, a video game we always reset is an inspiration. The idea of video-gaming and resetting it over and over to finding the success strategy. Although not a new concept, Doug Liman’s “Edge of Tomorrow” is really good at the year. It’s more than time travel but it’s an experience of real science fiction movie. Take the concept of “The Butterfly Effect,” “Groundhog Day,” and “Gears of War” so you got this movie.

Live, die, and repeat. It’s just a cliche slogan. Same with the selection of actors, Tom Cruise. It’s no surprise where at first, Brad Pitt was the first choice. So, Tom Cruise as Major William Cage is a military officer. He didn’t work in the field and had no experience in a war at all. His designed armor and his team became a weapon capable of defeating the Mimics. It’s an alien-shaped, controlled hive-mind creature. It’s “StarCraft” meet Ridley Scott’s “Alien” alien-shaped. What’s important, its terrifying-look.

Anyway, Cage was appointed to go into the war. In particular, he was given the leading position. Until when he took to the battlefield, he immediately died and the film was over. I mean, it’s no. Cage actually lives back to the same time just before. The incident continued over and over again. Until when he met a special female soldier, Emily Blunt as Rita Vrataski, there was an oddity but funny. Tom Cruise living the same day over and over again. He died and came back to life.

The impression is the same as “Groundhog Day” but this is science fiction. Every scene is always the same but the way of execution is so interesting. I know it’s not something new but this film isn’t completely boring. It’s kind of thrilling if you can say that. If you want to see Tom Cruise die repeatedly, just watch this movie.

What makes this film interesting is it’s not just action or sci-fi. Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth, and John-Henry Butterworth got unique points from this film. The memorable comedy part is included in editing and cutting. Even if you see the same thing constantly, Cage’s actions always fail and fail. That then made him study one point to the next. That is, he studies all kinds of events that exist. However, a certain point can be depressed after that. “Groundhog Day” has a depressing impression yet it’s a dark comedy from Bill Murray. “Edge of Tomorrow” mixes that with such feelings and impressions. Plus, a screenplay that makes sense and intelligence has its meaning and impact change.

This is a tick-tick-boom kind of movie. It’s full of action, action, and action. The complex character of Tom Cruise as William Cage is quite interesting. Tom Cruise is a type of person who will do anything. He learned many ways to be able to find the holes from such an endless timeline he lived in. He is not a coward and not a comfort person. All the choices make things change. The way he tells the story and repeat. There is one scene that is so funny in the last few minutes before the climax. This is not Jack Harper from “Oblivion.” Cruise is a fantastic actor.

Sure, I haven’t read the manga or even the novel. But, for a Hollywood adaptation, this is a great adaptation. However, the movie is not flawed when we really talk about romance or a relationship between characters. It’s not a real matter for sure. In the end, this movie is about the love story between Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. As Rita as the main heroine, she is just a character. Her nature is not too complex. There are fewer developments for this character. Such as the reason and background why Rita had experienced what Cage experienced. However, it is then used as encouragement. Back again, it’s the same. Nobody knows the fatal outcome.

Emily Blunt is a great actress. Unlike other main female characters like Angelina Jolie, she is a serious woman. Her body is not too sturdy for an armor. However, her character is cool. She always looks serious. There is no joke. In fact, Tom Cruise himself is trying to keep his distance. Bottom line, both of them show their best.

“Edge of Tomorrow” is a fascinating quality of science fiction movie for an adaptation. It’s repeat and repeat. But, the movie isn’t boring at all. Not too complicated for a time travel-like movie. In fact, this is a fast-paced movie. Good directing by Doug Liman, unique scripts, good performance, funny editing, and an intelligence sense. An interesting spectacle even for the mainstream audience though. Just repeat by itself. Same as you. It’s a linear movie where it plays outside.

4 out of 5 stars.

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