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When it comes to American animation, I don’t really know much about American cartoons or TV Series. “The Simpson” is one thing everyone knows of course. Channels such as Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon are also a thing. “The Amazing World of Gumball” and “Adventure Time” are my favorite shows on Cartoon Network. Nickelodeon is my childhood channel in the morning. Actually, I’ve watched “Family Guy” and “South Park” for just a few episodes. What comes to my mind first how overrated this “Rick and Morty” is. People talk about it, on the internet, and in reality. Being popular finally makes me so curious whether who created this show. There are so many liked it. Considered it one of the best TV Series all time by people. I mean, no jokes I hear there are some who say it.

At first glance, this might be a rip-off of a “Back to the Future” trilogy or something like that. The artwork is so absurd if it carries “The Simpson” as a similar impression. This pretty clear rating is not a ‘cartoon’ where they will like it. The very sensitive humor about racism and mature content. The lack of development characters similar to “Spongebob Squarepants” as both show. However, the potential in “Rick and Morty” is clear. It’s the absurdity that makes this show continue until the third season.

The premise itself does sound like “Back to the Future” just about Marty and Doc. Brown. But, it’s a different thing. It using a concept like which so that it looks like a parody. We will be introduced by two unique and strange characters: of course Rick and Morty. Morty is like typical other cartoon characters that are not too tough, naughty, or smart. A little introvert makes him a coward if Rick doesn’t exist. On the other hand, Rick is a grandfather who is also a mad scientist with his genius ideas. His angry and alcoholic characteristics make the Morty family always annoyed but sometimes not. Of those two characters, there is the focus. The shows have multiverse settings, aliens, and other dimensions. Of course, various timelines make this show a bit complex on the other side.

In short, this animation series relies on this premise to be more developed and developed without anything changing. A broken world into normal or others. There is no special continuity. The most thing about this show is parodying various kinds of science fiction films or pop culture. The titles of the episodes also sound strange but are similar. For example, “Anatomy Park” from a parody of “Jurassic Park” about an exploration of the anatomy in humans, “M. Night Shaym-Aliens!” who parody M. Night Shyamalan’s films which always have a twist in their own twist. But, it’s an exaggerated one.

Each episode comes with a variety of parodies like Rick who talks about the movie “Inception” as a stupid movie, one of the characters in the episode “Anatomy Park” talks about anime (yeah, because I seem to hear it if I remember), and alludes to the program – shows on TV are all garbage. But, is that all? “The Simpson” even uses the same theme.

What makes this show so special, including myself, is “Rick and Morty” offering a formula for ‘supposing’ in every plot that is so cliched about science fiction. We often see in some of these materials. “Rick and Morty” exaggerated that because so many science fictions were so absurd. Dream trip, simulation in simulation, and Freddy Kruger as a good person. This show is one of the most ‘chaotic’ shows I’ve ever watched. The premise will be more packed until it reaches 11 episodes for the first season.

As usual, this is clearly not a majority spectacle for television, especially in Indonesia or other countries. The humor that is so sensitive and racist makes this show must be able to be digested for people who think openly. Surely there will be people who are angry. Just like “South Park” or “Family Guy,” the humor is so equivalent to “Rick and Morty.” The show also emphasizes the philosophical aspects and even the reflection of a family.

The show was divided into two parts which showed Rick’s journey in another dimension and the Morty’s family’s view which had its own problems such as how Jerry had to deal with Beth who had internal problems, the Morty family who had just tried one of Rick’s discoveries at the same time Rick had a problem other, and etc. Unlike other shows that give a moral message or so, each episode gives immoral impressions and a slightly mind-blowing twist to a show that is not too serious.

Rick and Morty sometimes remind me a little in a classic anime which until now still shows, “Doraemon” starts from its character and technology they used. I know, it is ridiculous but it is somewhat similar to that. The writing for each episode is always interesting. Sometimes, the situation becomes funny, emotional, and disturbing. There are times when Rick and Morty explore the various timelines where the story still continues even though it was never mentioned again. They left a chaotic world looking for a timeline where they could live peacefully. You know, a philosophy of time travel or something.

The show has a lot of philosophical elements, the law of cause and effect, and it deals with human morals and norms. There are times when Rick is always nihilistic or people who are pessimistic about something. He mentions why Pluto came out of the arrangement of the solar system, the world when women controlled the universe and men became slaves, and various kinds of hidden meanings about philosophy or stuff. These things were then packaged in an excessive way to make this show just to be laughed at because of its strange nature and a little dark comedy spice in it.

Side characters can participate in an adventure with Rick like Jerry, Summer, and Beth made it not only fixed on that character but a lot. There is Morty with his feelings for Jessica, there is Rick who has to deal with his son Beth, and the conflict that is in a Morty family. Behind the absurd style of animation without any reason, I only like types of shows or cartoons like this where there is something more unique and denser in it when you have seen it. Although is sometimes not continuity, making “Rick and Morty” rather boring, this is a binge-watching type that is so full of feelings.

At the end of the episode, “Rick and Morty” said jog on to all the Basterds who have watched this show. It’s breaking the fourth wall in it and “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!” is a closing catchphrase from Rick who is full of philosophy and even his own catchphrase that has free meaning. That’s what the fanbase says. “Rick and Morty” is not a majority spectacle and can be digested for everyone. It’s great and smart at the same time, taking material concepts that are full of excessive parody, absurd and complex kinds of episodes, and sensitive and open-minded humor. What a perfect animated series is so entertaining. “Rick and Morty” as a whole is a blend of various types of universe, science, and everything that crosses the line.

5 out of 5 stars.

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