Outbreak Company (Fall 2013) – The Happiness of Otaku Culture

“Outbreak Company” is probably an excellent Isekai-like show. Not too good but it’s an enjoyable yet good show. It’s okay to say at least whether this anime is bad or wrong. Otaku and Japanese culture is a thing, right? Okay, this anime seems like a promotion. Like the protagonist through it, “Outbreak Company” breaks on its own. A useful otaku? Why not with this anime? Hikikomori or something like that?

Anyway, “Outbreak Company” based on a light novel with the same name by Ichirou Sakaki. The show really focused on the main character promotes the otaku culture. It sounds fun but there is more. For Shinichi Kano, that is not a burden for first impressions. However, being an otaku trying to introduce such culture itself is rather difficult. Just like you guys trying to do the same thing. You trying to introduce that to your friends, it’s hard enough to say. Shinichi is just an average high-school boy who has a crush. However, he felt that pain when he got a rejection. It making him fall into a dark but deep hole. Yes, he chose to be NEET.

The first episode really attracts me. Shinichi is like a God of otaku. Various interview questions from a company, he answered everything correctly. Of course, it’s about otaku-related. After getting a job, he wakes up into a fantasy world. From here, the protagonist’s adventure begins. So many twists and obstacles that he must go through. Besides promoting the otaku culture and else, he must deal with the emancipation of races, coup, and the Japanese government as well. Shinichi is a stereotypical character suitable for this anime. His hobbies are playing visual novels, watching anime, reading a manga, anything. Maybe, you find out it’s useless. But, not for Shinichi.

Shinichi, besides being an otaku, is a great instructor. I mean, there is some sense of cringe when he tries to introduce such a culture. Or, maybe it’s just me? At first, I just thought it was weird. But, his students were so interested and really loved that. We are easy going with that. He is not alone. He was accompanied by a sweet cute maid, Myucel Foaran. It’s just your typical elf maid. No jokes. She is an innocent character throughout the series. For Shinichi, maybe this is a dream. Turns out, it’s real. Myucel refers to Shinichi as her master.

The interesting part, in my opinion, this series is the chemistry between these two characters. Indeed, this series focuses more on the development of these characters. But this part is the most interesting. Myucel is a maid who has magic and fighting abilities like a fantasy creature in general. She is a descendant of elves where the world oppresses the elves. Shinichi is a good person. Unlike the others, Shinichi treats Myucel as a human in general. Whether people will find it strange, this is my favorite part of this show.

Along the series goes on, there are other side characters besides Myucel. Petralka Anne Eldant III played as a monarch of the Eldant Empire. Initially, she played like some kind of douche and selfish. Of course, Shinichi was interested because of loli. Like some anime in general, Myucel and Petralka are two heroine rivals. The first impression of the two heroines didn’t go well. As has been discussed, Petralka treats Myucel not very good. Then, Shinichi stood up as a person and defended her status. It’s just a first impression. The two heroines became more respectful and friends in general. They also, of course, are always jealous of each other for the protagonist. I mean, it’s just a part of entertainment – or fanservice.

Most of the characters don’t play many roles. They are just a screen but play a major role suddenly in several episodes. Like for example, Minori Koganuma who presented the fujoshi. She is an otaku as well but more to yaoi or BL things. There is Bulk as a lizard man as a minor character. He doesn’t really have a big role. But, it doesn’t matter. Furthermore, there is Elbia Hanaiman as a wolf girl species. Side characters like Galious En Koldobar as Petralka’s right hand. Although, in some episodes, he filled a lot. There are an elf, dwarf, and anything characters that appear when talking about a fantasy world.

“Outbreak Company” introduces, of course, otaku culture. Therefore, there is so much easter eggs and reference in this anime. I just don’t want to mention it. There are too many if you fill one by one. “Outbreak Company” is actually not a deep show or else. It’s a cliche anime with a harem thing, fanservice, and all stereotypical characters. If you say this is different from other anime just because it introduces otaku culture, just look back before this. “WataMote” is one of the anime with the same concept. I mean, both anime are different genres. Only the narrative and the way they illustrate it are different. This show brings tsundere trope, loli, fujoshi, yaoi, maid, everything. Apart from that, this is a type of show that isn’t too boring. In fact, I didn’t realize watching it for just one day.

The artwork is kind of great and fantasy-like. All of the character design is so unique. Shinichi is the main character who wears casual and the only one. Feel is mostly famous for its harem and ecchi anime. You can call it like “Kiss x Sis,” “Mayo Chiki!,” “So, I Can’t Play H!,” “Yosuga no Sora,” and etc. “Outbreak Company” is great. The scenery is indeed fantasy-like as well. It combining elements of fantasy and the modern world. It’s like a contemporary fantasy that is a bit stunning. No exaggeration.

The soundtrack is well-composed. The opening theme song fit with the genre and fantasy. The ending themes song bring the tone down for fantasy anime like this. The use of the soundtrack isn’t too much. Most are used in comedic and slice of life-related scenes. It’s a charming sound. The voice acting is great. Natsuki Hanae as Shinichi is always out of character. Sometimes he just insane, but sometimes he is quiet. Same as Maaya Uchida. Mimori Suzuko as Myucel is like a therapy. Mai Fuchigami as Petralka like tsundere voice just isn’t a bit annoying this time. Only in a few parts.

“Outbreak Company” is a fun parody show you definitely like it. Indeed, this anime brings all the cliche things that exist. It has stereotypical characters and tropes. But, this is just a good anime you can’t find it too complex or else. This show dedicates otaku culture as part of the community. In addition, this anime alludes to a quite sensitive issue. It’s a part that needs to be discussed when talking about race or status. The art style is kind of nice. The scenery and background are great. It has a charming soundtrack. Some have drama elements but it’s hard to say this is a drama show. “Outbreak Company” is a charming slice of life-like anime you can experience and feel relatable. It also speaks about how deep the heart of a NEET is – in one episode.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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