Brokeback Mountain (2005) – Love is a Force of Nature

Love is a force of nature, just like the movie said it loudly yet smoothly. Every individual has equality to be able to love someone whatever what they gender is. Normally, it’s not like that. “Brokeback Mountain” certainly gets a lot of criticism and controversy because it seems like the movie brings an agenda. People really take it seriously: a part of being gay. Especially in Indonesia, homophobic is very strong. Regardless I’ve some gay friends like I consider as friends and never discriminate them. However, they are so difficult to adapt around them, ostracized, oppressed, cornered by media, and feels ashamed.

“Brokeback Mountain” isn’t your typical cowboy movie that Ang Lee used it as a background. It’s hard to say that this is a ‘gay’ movie which is entirely not such the case. If you watch it closely as like me personally watch this movie from various perspective, just take what you want. If you don’t like it, it’s your decision to chose it. But, it’s ridiculous just because the movie is about the love between two men. It doesn’t mean you hated it or the movie really sucks. Even though it didn’t get the Best Picture which I don’t entirely agree. At least, the movie brings down the other three Oscar awards.

There are many things that affect each individual driven by something. It creates the deepest feeling of someone whoever he/she is. In this case, nature becomes a major factor in the story of two cowboys. Heath Ledger as Ennis Del Mar and Jake Gyllenhaal as Jack Twist who at first worked together in sheep herding. In the very beginning, they had many experiences about how bitter their lives. They braved to open themselves to each other until all of a sudden at night. Strange feelings came from their hearts so they make love and become a couple.

The relationship then went wrong such as there are so many dead sheep and others. They separated but they were unable to accept the fact. The two of them married each where Ennis married Alma as her fiance and Jack married Lureen. Two of them seemed to be lacking so they reunited. It’s about refusing to forget the past or being in freer surroundings than being in Wyoming, Brokeback mountain.

It’s not a movie that can be watched by everyone. I bet there is some kind of people with have the same case. “Call Me by Your Name” is about Elio’s decision in choosing his true feeling. “Brokeback Mountain” is like “Moonlight” which tells about masculinity. Instead of shows a cool cowboy with their style, how to dress, or showing black people in general. Both films are trying to get out of the stereotypical. Besides giving a strong impact and conflict from this film, “Brokeback Mountain” is charming yet uplifting about a “forbidden” relationship.

Although only two characters become the main center of the film, the conflict is very strong. But, there seems to be no other flavor. Heath Ledger as Ennis is a strong and aggressive character but very gentle inside. Jake Gyllenhaal as Jack is a passionate character but able to reveal himself. Both seem to be interdependent from the relationship that feels comfortable rather than other normal relationships. The movie encourages how nature is part of the human being itself, a tragedy, and sadness. It becomes a part whose different from the others.

Various kinds of stares from other people are one of them and how they seem difficult to always be together. But, it’s a defining nature. While Roger Ebert said as his review: “we seem to be bound by a belief, religion, and ethnicity.” It’s the same thing that would never unite us. The case in here I don’t offend anything but I started to agree with what Tommy Wiseau said. If a lot of people love each other, the world would be a better place to live. I mean, it’s a masterpiece, you bet; I don’t even believe I said that.

“Brokeback Mountain” has been mentioned as a gay cowboy movie. I think there are some people who really miss the entire point. What I mean is that you can see this film from any side, whether in terms of its psychology, feeling, or you watch this as a part of it. Ang Lee’s cinematography is so beautiful, showing a view of the thick countryside. Meanwhile, this isn’t his first work I’ve watched but “Hulk” is the first and it has a cool visual style that impresses comically. However, this movie is very beautiful whether viewed from any angle while my most part of the movie is that it doesn’t really matter but the movie is too fast to explain such a scene.

There aren’t enough portions and sometimes, it’s just really there. The pace is slow but “Call Me by Your Name” can still be said to be quite slow then this movie because the thing I like most about this film is so emotional. In addition to telling the main plot, the movie also narrates other sub-plots about Ennis’s relationship with his wife, after they divorced, as well as his daughter, Jack’s relationship with his wife who isn’t so comfortable about, and the post-event. You really feel that as a person, as a human being, whether you are in a cluster.

Heath Ledger is phenomenal in this movie. While the Joker is one of the best performances ever and besides getting an Oscar award, this is the greatest performance. He spelled out an aggressive character from his expression, cool gaze, but sometimes appeared as a heroic. This is also what makes Christopher Nolan wanna make him as the Joker in “The Dark Knight.” Jake Gyllenhaal was also like Ledger but was able to show the other side of him. You really feel that about what they feel, what they live, and what they face up until the end.

At least, there are some people who’re crying about this movie and that’s where the film is said to be powerful because of its characters. Other actresses such as Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams are also able to show a full performance of the characters they play and the western memorable music by Gustavo Santaolalla is one thing that pushes and supports everything.

At the last breathe, “Brokeback Mountain” is a gay cowboy movie according to people who described it as. It’s not about gay or whatever is that but you feel sympathy from the character, empathy to be a real human being instead of assessing people from certain ethnicities or groups. It’s an emotional, uplifting, and powerful movie about two men. A film that tries to show how to be a part of nature so that we can love someone whether from any class or gender.

With Rodrigo Prieto as the cinematographer who shows the visual beauty of this film and Ang Lee as the director, it’s a movie of true feeling whether you see it from any aspect. Actors and actresses who perform with full performance, the music that impresses like country and western, “Brokeback Mountain” has at least one of the powerful characters in it because that’s what has its effects along with other plots.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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