Cells at Work! (Summer 2018) – The Anatomy of Our Body


“Cells at Work!” maybe one of the most popular anime in the season. However, I see this anime more than education and entertainment but it’s like something that flows in our body as well as the world that’s in it. When I finished watching this anime, I was just a bit nihilistic in each episode. Nihilistic in terms of not the term itself but everything you watch as if it runs directly in your body. Indeed, science exceeds everything.

“Cells at Work!” easier to understand visually and make you understand more about cells and others. Also, they live in a society side by side. They have a generation and continues to grow. Like humans, they have an endless cycle unless the owner of the body dies. One pilot episode that has attracted a lot of biological attention and doctors. There is a case when a teacher wanted to showcase this anime to her students and make it as a school assignment. That’s epic and I just want to go back to school again.

“Cells at Work!” is about cells, organ systems, atoms, molecules, chemistry, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and others. The story doesn’t have chronological orders because it deals with everything related to cells to the problems they have to deal with. What is the problem? Every day we experience or see such as influenza, hot fever, sneezing, blood transfusion, first aid, and even cancer. As is clear, this show reveals more about the human body from the perspective of AE3803 as a red blood cell and U-1146 as a white blood cell. There is no other name to the characters.

Just call it red and white blood cells. As Kana Hanazawa as the voice acting, there are so many cells that play a role besides that. There is Killer-T, Macrophage, Platelets, Memory, Eosinophils, Dendritic, B Cell, and others. It’s rather difficult to mark all those characters but you will find it easier to get to recognize them from just the visuals. So, each of these cells has their respective roles such as red blood cells who send nutrients and oxygen, white blood cells who kill germs, and so on. I mean, I’m not great at this because I’m that stupid.

The story has enough potential for 13 episodes other than this show doesn’t focus too much on the development character or else. Just call it like your typical slice of life but with shounen. The more you watch this show, the more you will know all the information in this anime. The details of your body, how a heart works, how to heal or freeze the wound. Almost all of the episodes have the same format regardless of how this show is about. Some viruses enter our body and white blood cells along with others eradicate them. Even for the first episode, from the very beginning, I have seen that this anime will continue to have maximum potentials to the end of the episode.

Because this is indeed a shounen anime, the action scene is a lot of worth. The show has a unique story besides just giving us information about our bodies. We see how they work together in dealing with new problems makes me jealous as a human even for society. Besides that, the show almost had many things besides germs that invade our bodies. On the other hand, they must deal with some other issues besides eradicating all germs such as toxic food, fever, sudden heat rises, and allergies. Akane Shimizu explored a lot about our human body besides just learning the basics even looked from the other side too.

“Cells at Work!” implies an order of how society works. I just understood when watching an episode about cancer cells. We see many more things about this case. When dealing with cancer, we know what we are talking about even though we don’t know what cancer is. But, this show wants to make you understand how they also have to face their problems besides being born in an error experiment. The show works at this and we better understand cancer cells not only more than a deadly disease but more than a lesson. It’s a bit like our modern world. Cells are ordinary citizens, red blood cells as workers, and white blood cells as individuals. Cancer cells are a representation of wasted people, not just looking from one side.

Another one episode that is so phenomenal and the most memorable of all episodes is the blood transfusion. It’s just well-constructed and quite emotional. This episode makes us appreciate yourself more and from this too, I feel a little narcissistic. Wrapped like an end of the world, this is one of the best and most informative episodes of all. After all, you got a happy ending.

What I doubt about this show is also the character. In addition to just calling them by the general design, it’s rather difficult to recognize various characters who play such a role. Like the AE3803 with her senior but it would be better to call her senpai. There are U-1146 and friends in the same case. This case also exists in Macrophages which are almost all similar. Likewise platelets. But, that’s the greatness. You only recognize them from the design, not from the name.

Just love the David Production studio works on this anime. It has fantastic animation, visuals, and character design. Besides, the studio also uses several designs from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”. U-1146 and Killer T Cell resemble the visuals of the anime. The show also has a charming soundtrack. The first theme song is great with its catchy tune. The ending theme song, “CheerS” by ClariS, is great. The voice actor did great jobs. Kana Hanazawa as AE3803 is just another part of a unique performance. But, you have to be honest if Maria Naganawa is the best. Just love when it comes to Platelets and if you don’t find it sweet, just cry me a river.

“Cells at Work!” take our mind into the anatomy of our body. Not all anime can illustrate or introduce stories like this. It has various characters both the protagonist and the antagonist. I think everything all the episode is so important in both the story and information. The voice actor has great performances. It has playful energy of soundtrack and theme songs. It’s a show that makes you proud of your body. “Cells at Work!” use ideas that are so unique and make it a reality like society.

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