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We were grown up in an environment where we play as a kid. We know lots of friends, learn various kinds of interesting things, and others. At the time, we spent more times with various imaginations we have. Studying is the most hated thing. For some reason, we always think what if we become adults. After we grow up, we want to go back to our childhood again. So, is something wrong? One of the things that are so interesting in our childhood is watching cartoons.

For today, it’s very different. We always come back to do things we have done as a kid. There is no other reason than to be nostalgic. It will never be the same again as our children have. One thing we often do apart from watching cartoons. We always imagine how we’re when we enter in the cartoons we watch or imitate various kinds of superpowers like those in action cartoons. “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!” for me it’s not a complex title but this is one of the most relatable anime ever. Besides making ‘Chuunibyou’ as the ‘disease’ to have an interesting impression, it’s one of those KyoAni anime; an anime series based on the novel with the same name.

Just incredible how anime with based on a novel seems always has a different impression than the anime adapted from the manga. Although like that, the case isn’t like that. There is some who failed too but, “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!” is one of your typical high school anime turns out to be absolute misadventures that are full of imagination. And well, some romance too makes this anime even add some sweet element.

It’s a show about Yuuta Togashi. He is a high school student who suffers from an ‘illness’ called’ Chuunibyou. It’s a middle school 2nd-year syndrome. This disease refers more to someone who always fantasizes being a character in a video game or cartoon. Although not a serious case, the recipient will understand better when he leaves in puberty. Often assume that if they have a special power as if they are different from society in general, just remember you don’t laugh with that because we all have suffered from such an illness that the main character is suffering from.

Simply put, all you have to do is erase the memories of those shameful old days, start to think a new life and start thinking about the future and life. Turns out, Rikka Takanashi is one of the victims who – until now – Yuuta is in the same school as her. He always haunted by her existence as if he saw his past again. However, it’s not like that. It’s a drama, rom-com, with various kinds of pop culture in it.

The artwork is amazing yet glorious. Just what Kyoto Animation always shows in various anime that they have worked on. The background setting is much like a real reflection and of course, they aren’t playing games when dealing with the part the dream of the main character of being in a post-apocalyptic world like shounen anime in general. The fighting choreography is amazing regardless this is not a shounen anime. It’s great compared to anime action and shounen in general. Like KyoAni, moe seemed to never disappear. In fact, just love the visual for the opening theme song.

The soundtrack is comedic but sometimes, it comes to with emotional yet sweet and charming tone. Of course, the action scene is wrapped quickly. It’s just… amazing. The ending theme song isn’t leaving an impression like “Sparkling Daydream” by ZAQ but it has a major point because of the catchy melody. The voice actor really doing great especially Maaya Uchida with her various unique characteristic. In addition, we just love how this anime brings various kinds of easter eggs like the Konami code. It took several years to be able to look back at this anime and re-notice it again. Random scenes like the Lelouch’s pose, the Ghostbuster, and any other kinds.

Let’s talk about the characters. The first thing we need to know is that the series focuses more on the relationship between the heroine and main character: Rikka Takanashi and Yuuta Togashi. Rikka Takanashi, a cute girl with an eyepatch who doesn’t need to be under the series. Apart from still having the syndrome, we learn about her character why she is like that. There are other reasons that encourage her to feel more alive than she never laughing forever. She was the one who was the funniest. Her absenteeism was great when it came to Sanae Dekomori. Besides being a partner and sidekick, there is Tooka Takanashi as well.

Her character development is probably one of the cutest of all romance anime. Just love when it comes to the rooftop scene. Just… charming, happiness, and cute. Yuuta Togashi, ex-Chuunibyou as Dark Flame Master. Dark, flame, master: I’ve never thought of at all instead of the random nickname I always created in the video game. Besides being the main character, there really isn’t much to say. The scene when he found back a letter from him when he still suffering from Chuunibyou’s disease is just mindblowing. The beach at night scene is also incredible how it is supported by truly stunning effects.

Yet, it’s just the same as high school anime when one character tries to create a club and perform any absurd activities. Some characters are dragged away. Some are easy caring and some are there for a reason. The story, to be honest, focuses more on comedy and romance itself. Even though the first episode was introduced in detail the name of the disease, it’s just your typical school anime with such a charming tone.

The supporting characters also fill in various jokes and all kinds of absurd in this anime such as Kumin Tsuyuri with her priest who loves to sleep (even wants to have a sleeping club), Shinka Nibutani who is also a ex-Chuunibyou even though she seems normal but she sometimes it’s no different from other Moe characters, and Sanae Dekomori is the most passionate of all. The relationship between characters also has its own sub-plots like the way Shinka wants to find a way to erase her past but it turns out foiled, Shinka and Sanae are always together despite always fights, and Kumin is just… sleeping. It’s just so random but, why not?

“Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!” is probably one of the most relatable anime ever. It’s not some KyoAni anime like the usual harem like everything else or anything but it’s an entertaining series with a variety of cute, charming, and happy moments. Sometimes, the show has its own emotional impression. It’s just your typical high school anime, club, or relating things. This is such a stunning anime. The character design is in style but it’s great. The soundtrack is really fit with the tone. The action, the imagination, the pace, all of those really pretty well.

It’s about the past, there are intermediaries. It connects to the future. Just like when Yuuta found a letter for him to come, an intermediary combines the past and future. That’s what we feel as well. This is a mixture of nostalgia and so relatable impressions. Imaginatination seems unlimited. Just like Chuunibyou who, even today, I still experience it. No doubt, I’m serious. Are you still experienced too?

4 out of 5 stars.

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