Fargo (1996) – Colorblind and Morality

“Fargo” as if it was a mystery movie with an ambiguous impression. The best thing I can say what’s great in this film is its unexplained uniqueness. It’s like “Se7en” in gray. Just like the location used in this film. The cold weather makes the atmosphere in this film feel went wrong. This Coen brothers movie is a film that is so simple to analyze or review. But, “Fargo” has qualities that not all directors can do. Admiration, shock, and fear. Above all, it traces a series of crimes and their fate that play a role in it.

The first opening scene begins with the impression that has been felt. Its criminal style is thick but there are different ones. William H. Macy as Jerry Lundegaard is an auto sales executive. With his life full of debt, he hired two thug men. They are Steve Buscemi as Carl Showalter and Peter Stormare as Gaear Grimsrud. He planned to order the two men to kidnap his wife so he could ask for a lot of ransom. From here, Frances McDormand as Chief Marge Gunderson is trying to investigate the case. She found a body beside a car that slipped due to the two people. These characters have several stories each and with their mission. One person loses, all lose.

“No Country for Old Men” is a Coen brothers western style it leaves an ambiguous impression. Full of questions, it didn’t explain the total how the film worked. But, what I love about the film is its consequences and the world. “Fargo” has characters with paid plots. For films in general, “Fargo” is off track. The synopsis sounds something so ironic.

Jerry, who is so casual with his wife, really looks like he is the villain. However, there is something that separates between his role as a bad and a good guy. Jerry has good intentions but he misused it. When it started smoothly, he didn’t know what to want. His characteristics are so frustrating but fearful. Besides waiting, he didn’t know¬†what to do. His mistake is not only on him but the people around him. His family and children must participate in the incident.

Not only Jerry, but the events in this film also come in a full twist way. People who come to places and times that are not the same. Their behavior and fate are very unpredictable. It is typical of Coen brothers. The beginning of the movie is based on a true story is deceptive. Seems like a mockery and satire. The characteristics are also like that. Unique and able to bring up its impression. Frances McDormand as a police officer who has a job. There isn’t much burden he must bear comparing to other characters. She is seven months pregnant. But is she reliable?

Grimsrud Gaear is a minor character who doesn’t have too many roles. The trigger at the end of the film also doesn’t explain too much. Some minor character seems like out of the box. It will be a surprise that fills a serious impression but with a comedy as well. Of course, darkly. We laugh because of the irony, not out of pity. A very thick Minnesota accent often distract me on the storyline. There are its uniqueness and humor.

Roger Deakins‘ cinematography is amazing. Describing the atmosphere of the colorblind of Fargo, he took several shots of patterns. There is some shot that uses the motive like the parking scene. Filled with lots of snow as if it didn’t seem real. The cut between cut has a funny impression. When there is a serious scene, the movie suddenly becomes funny when showing the next shot. When one character does something serious, another character has time to get out of trouble.

This film is not so special if you think it’s about looking for criminals. There is no right or wrong in this film. It’s about morality and the choice of each character. How do they have to finish it? The insanity and the peculiarities of the Coen brothers are too many. Likewise the performance of the actors. Frances McDormand is quietly a stylist because of his accent style. There are some manners she must face behind it. Her performance was strong with cold execution. Steve Buscemi is great as a talkative character and so nervous. William H. Macy is just great at this movie. All the actors in this movie seem great with their respective roles.

Ethan and Joel Coen is one of the directors who has been known for their unique style of directing. Therefore, new genres were born thanks to them. Besides that, “Fargo” is like a gray that cannot be ascertained. This film explores how humans are in a ridiculous situation. The reality on its own. The fate of each character ultimately refers to the morality of each character. Roger Deakins with a cinematographic pattern that is so amazing. It’s describing the white city of Fargo as if it’s empty. The score seems amazing too seems like out of nowhere. “Fargo” is a mystery film about the fate of characters that will affect his own mistakes. It’s a dark comedy that doesn’t need high expectations. Something is trying to pull you about this movie.

4 out of 5 stars.

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